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Provide your staff with the tools and resources they need to deliver care that exceeds expectations of participants, families, and the Commission.

NDIS resource standards

Education mapped to the NDIS Practice Standards

All Ausmed learning resources are mapped to the NDIS Practice Standards, allowing you to easily address compliance requirements by assigning and reporting on learning relating to a particular standard.

One-click reporting

Easily download reports on staff training compliance. With Ausmed you can report by team, job role, facility or the NDIS Practice Standards with just the touch of a button.

Built to support better participant care.

Caring for people living with a mental, physical or sensory disability presents a unique set of challenges. Equip your workforce with access to our full range of NDIS and disability care learning resources from the Ausmed Library™.

  • NDIS Standards
  • Duty of Care
  • Workplace Health and Safety
  • Support for Daily Living
  • Dignity, Respect and Choice
  • Complex Care Needs
  • Apology and Open Disclosure
  • Many more...

‘A great educational resource, very helpful in assisting me to correctly interact with persons with disabilities.’

Marcella, Ausmed User
Communicating Effectively With People With Disability


Being Mentors needed to support their staff with an industry standard-platform from the beginning

Being Mentors’ executive team knew that the way forward for their organisation was to unite all of their learning content under one reputable platform. They were also very conscious of creating a sustainable, self-directed and self-accountable learning culture within their organisation.

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Australian Disability Care Workers choose Ausmed for ongoing education

‘Very informative and useful course. Everyone working in aged care, or in disability care should do this.’

Gobardhan, Ausmed User
Manual Handling Safety

‘Good information, especially about how to support clients if they want to explore applying for an NDIS package.’

Marisa, Ausmed User
Navigating the NDIS: For Participants and Healthcare Professionals

‘This is a clear description for those wanting to learn more about the NDIS as either a family member receiving NDIS or as a health provider.’

Lucinda, Ausmed User
The NDIS Practice Standards Explained

‘Helpful information related to requirements for medication administration to NDIS clients in the home environment.’

Denise, Ausmed User
A Guide to Medication Management Under the NDIS