Being Mentors needed to support their staff with an industry standard-platform from the beginning

Last Updated: 07 April 2022

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Here’s how Ausmed partnered with them to achieve their goals

The Problem

Being Mentors is an organisation that provides invaluable support to disengaged or disadvantaged youth. Founded by four friends from Darwin, they all had experience working in support roles across various communities and demographics, and they realised they had a shared goal: to expand the offering of professional support services across Northern Australia. Finally, in November of 2020, they took the plunge and started their organisation.

Only a year later, Being Mentors has quickly grown to over 54 staff operating in northern NSW, Queensland and the Northern Territory. With this growth, especially as an NDIS Service Provider, the executive team knew they needed to ensure staff had access to consistent and robust educational resources. For the most part, the organisation had been able to use in-person training through shadow shifts, external RTOs and some online training modules.

However, the inability to upload their own training modules into the external provider caused pain points and, unsurprisingly, frustration. Co-founder Jaré Krnjic was tracking his staff’s mandatory training and internal training across both external and internal learning providers, and was manually combining data and compliance rates.

‘Outside of the mandatory requirements, [we] often had an adhoc approach to training for new employees based on individual requirements. Any additional training required at that point would take up to 2 weeks before additional training was confirmed.'

This was not only time-consuming but also a major distraction from all of the work that goes along with starting a new business: onboarding, in-person training, networking, customer acquisition, and so much more. Jaré didn’t have time to lose.

The Solution

Being Mentors' executive team knew that the way forward for their organisation was to unite all of their learning content under one reputable and easy-to-use platform. They were also very conscious of creating a sustainable, self-directed and self-accountable learning culture within their organisation, and knew they needed world-class learning content to support that goal.

‘We want to create a culture of self-driven learning, and be the experts of what we do in the mentoring space. Staff progression is really important to us: we don't want staff to feel stagnant or that they're not progressing in their career. We want to help them to get where they need to go and also have the best outcome for our participants.'

Thankfully, Jaré had used Ausmed as his own learning platform when he was working as a behaviour support practitioner. He’d admired the library, the easy-to-use interface, and the fact that Ausmed was an industry standard-level platform, so he pitched Ausmed to the rest of the executive team. Being Mentors came out of that pitch with a brand new learning platform and a new challenge: to integrate Ausmed into their everyday functioning as soon as they possibly could.

The onboarding experience, led by one of our Customer Experience team members Jose, was a wonderful experience for the Being Mentors executive team. He addressed their questions, and spent time ascertaining the most effective way for Being Mentors to use the Ausmed platform in order to meet their goals. By the end of the onboarding period, Jare’s team was efficient and – most importantly – confident using the compliance workroom and resource assignment tool.

Additionally, for the leaders of Being Mentors, Ausmed Education’s ANCC accreditation – and partnership with the Department of Health’s HealthDirect platform – was very attractive.

‘If this is what the industry leaders are using then we want to mirror that and learn all the evidence-based practice and current research, as well and staying on top of the curve. Knowing that Ausmed has partnerships with the Department of Health… It’s the appropriate training that we need.'

The Outcome

Being Mentors has achieved great success and growth throughout Australia’s north, pushing into the remote northern NSW area and establishing more mentorships and support connections in places such as Katherine and various Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. In a single year, Jaré has seen his organisation achieve and surpass he and his friends’ goals.

Since partnering with Ausmed, Being Mentors has streamlined staff onboarding, reduced the gap between staff’s assumed knowledge and actual knowledge, and tailored client-specific training to certain staff in real time.

In particular, the streamlined onboarding process has caused a reduction in time and effort involved in monitoring, compiling and comparing data for each staff member. Jare is no longer wasting time sourcing staff compliance and completion rates from various learning management platforms; all the information he needs is in one place.

'We wanted a training management system that we can use to roll out training nationally, and also house our compliance documents in one central location. Our process has gone from being a list of mandatory training from a whole range of different providers and services to being housed in one location.

I think the training plan feature and compliance workroom are two areas that I find very helpful: being able to generate a report or run the query on where people are at at any one given point. We can look for certain documents or the annual training program.'

With all this new time freed up, Jaré has been able to – and will continue to – spend more time focusing on outward growth and customer acquisition.

We’re excited to work alongside Jaré and his team in the future, as we help each other to provide the best care to the growing number of people benefiting from Being Mentors' support program.

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