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Learning and policies in one integrated platform

Organise, distribute and record acknowledgement of your policies in the system you and your staff are already familiar with.

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'Time is money, and by having our policies on Ausmed, I’m saving myself money because I can actually do more of my job and not more admin work. I don’t need another person to go around and update policies, and I don’t need to involve the IT team. So I’m saving myself time, effort, money, and resources, and I’m utilising people for the right reasons in the right places.'

Ruth Scaife

Former Quality Care Manager, Inasmuch Community Ltd

Save time, money and resources

Updating and distributing policies throughout an entire organisation can be time-consuming, even before you think about the time it takes to make sure all your staff have read and understood the changes.

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Latest policies, right on time

Rest assured that your staff have the latest information by assigning policies to job roles. Reduce spam by deciding what notifications are required whenever you make an update to a policy.

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Stay organised

Maintain version history and organise your policies by mapping them to the relevant standards, topics and job roles to make reporting and finding policies simple.

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Evidence of policy acknowledgement

Know whether your staff have actually read and understood your policies by monitoring your own database of acknowledgement records.

Spend less time on mundane tasks

With Ausmed, nothing needs to be prepared. Simply download our all-inclusive reports for a full summary of the changes made, policy acknowledgements, notifications sent and more.