Understanding SCORM Files (in Healthcare)

Last Updated: 11 September 2023

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Understanding SCORM Files (in Healthcare)

What Is SCORM?

SCORM, or Shareable Content Object Reference Model, has been a cornerstone in the e-learning industry since its inception. It is a collection of standards and specifications for web-based educational resources. These specifications ensure that e-learning courses and Learning Management Systems (LMS) can work seamlessly across different platforms and vendors.

To learn more about learning management systems (LMS) - view our guide here.

What is the purpose of SCORM?

SCORM's primary value lies in its ability to standardise e-learning content. In essence, it sets forth the rules that allow e-learning content and an LMS to work together. This is critical for functionalities such as:

  • Tracking learners' progress
  • Managing course content
  • Facilitating effective online education
  • Meeting organisational compliance requirements

How Do I Use SCORM Files?

SCORM steps Diagram

To use SCORM files, you'll usually receive a packaged ZIP file that contains all the necessary components. This file is then uploaded into a SCORM-compatible LMS. Once uploaded, the course becomes available for learners. The LMS will handle functions like tracking learners' progress, quiz scores, and completion statuses automatically.

SCORM in Healthcare

How Does Healthcare Use SCORM?

In healthcare, SCORM-compliant e-learning solutions play a critical role. Hospitals and aged care facilities commonly use them for training medical staff on standardised procedures, adherence to Medicare policies, and Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission guidelines. SCORM also enables healthcare organisations to monitor compliance and ensure that all staff are appropriately trained.

SCORM steps Diagram

SCORM ties directly in to healthcare learning and development as they are a medium to obtain and distribute learning resources to healthcare workers with the purpose of improving staff competency and, most importantly, improving patient outcomes.

Should I Use SCORM Files for my Organisation?

If your organisation aims for standardised, interoperable, and highly trackable e-learning, then adopting SCORM would be highly advantageous. Its flexibility, particularly in healthcare, makes it a compelling choice for organisations that have specific compliance requirements or multiple training needs.

SCORM and Organisational Compliance

SCORM's compatibility and tracking features make it easier for healthcare organisations to maintain compliance. This is particularly relevant in Australia, where healthcare providers must adhere to standards set by bodies like the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care and the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

Pros and Cons of SCORM

Understanding the advantages and limitations of SCORM can help you make an informed decision.

Pros Cons
Standardisation: SCORM creates a standardised learning environment which ensures uniform content delivery. Initial Costs: The initial investment for SCORM-compliant systems can be high, including the cost of content creation and LMS acquisition.
Interoperability: SCORM content is easily portable and can be used across different SCORM-compliant platforms. Technical Expertise: Implementation and maintenance may require specialised skills, adding to operational costs.
Comprehensive Tracking: Detailed tracking of learners' progress, assessment scores, and engagement metrics. Content Rigidity: Once a SCORM package is created, making changes to the content can be cumbersome and often requires repackaging.
Compliance: Makes it easier to align with external quality standards, such as those set by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. Software Dependence: Your LMS must be SCORM-compliant to fully utilise all SCORM features, potentially limiting your options.


As SCORM files are uploaded, managed and distributed via a learning management system (LMS) - it's important to consider how your current LMS supports SCORM files. Ausmed's LMS is fully compatible to upload, manage and distribute SCORM files to meet your organisational learning needs.

SCORM on Ausmed

All 1000+ online learning resources on Ausmed can be purchased as SCORM files to help your organisation fill in the essential learning and competency gaps that your staff may face.

Interested in SCORM files for your organisation?

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SCORM has proven to be a vital asset in the e-learning domain. For healthcare organisations, it offers an effective and efficient means of standardising educational content, ensuring quality training, and facilitating compliance. While it has its limitations, the myriad advantages make SCORM a worthy investment for any healthcare organisation committed to excellence in training and compliance.


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