Preventing and De-escalating Conflict at Work

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Conflict is a serious disagreement or argument, typically a protracted one. In this lecture, executive coach and workplace educator Samuel Eddy discusses the psychology of conflict and explains how to go from reacting to responding.


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Samuel Eddy is an executive coach and workplace educator who helps organisations and individuals manage and overcome leadership, conflict, management, stress and anxiety and burnout challenges. He leverages his hands-on leadership experience when he worked as a senior marketing executive in banking and financial services throughout Australasia and Europe. Sam completed a Master of Science (Psychology) at the University of East London, is a certified Mental Health First Aider and has worked with a range of nurses, midwives and healthcare leaders in a range of organisations including ANMF, Benetas, Aged & Health Care Education, NSW Nurse & Midwife Association, Nurse & Midwife Support and child and maternal health nurses at Brimbank, Melton and Mitchell Shire Councils.
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First Published25 July 2023
Updated25 July 2023
25 July 2025
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