Supporting People with Complex Disabilities in Hospital

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There are two important considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to providing hospital-based care for people living with complex disabilities: expectations and support. In this lecture, medical educator Dr Paul Nguyen discusses strategies for providing considerate and effective care for people living with complex disabilities.


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Dr. Paul Nguyen is a Medical Educator at Monash University, member of the Developmental Disabilities Special Interest Group at the Royal College of General Practitioners and a former Developmental Disability Medical Specialist for the Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria. During his time as a GP, he focussed mainly on mental health, including practising clinical hypnotherapy, and Focussed Psychological Strategies (predominantly focussing on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Paul identifies as a secular Buddhist and a flexitarian, which demonstrates his refusal to be easily categorised, a trait that has given him the empathy and experience to provide care for people whose needs are neither simple nor uniform.
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First Published10 April 2023
Updated10 April 2023
10 April 2025
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