Infection Control Cleaning

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CPD36m of CPD
First Published
Updated29 June 2023
Expires 29 June 2024
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia

Course Overview

Environmental sources and reservoirs of potentially pathogenic microorganisms exist in all settings, including healthcare facilities. This Ausmed Training Module looks at the underlying principles of cleaning in healthcare and teaches how to reduce the risk of infection transmission among patients, healthcare workers and visitors.

(It is advised that learners also complete the Ausmed Mandatory Training Modules on Hand Hygiene and Infection Control Basic Principles.)

Learning Outcomes
  1. Recognise that environmental surfaces contribute to the transmission of infectious diseases.
  2. Differentiate between high-touch/frequently touched and other environmental surfaces, and plan appropriately for their cleaning.
  3. Select, safely use (in appropriate sequence), and dispose, replace or store all cleaning items.
  4. Safely and appropriately decontaminate surfaces soiled with blood or other potentially infectious materials.
Target Audience

Any clinician, allied, or healthcare worker working in the delivery of care or services in any healthcare setting.


No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medications or products have been used.


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Cathryn Murphy View profile
Cathryn Murphy PhD is a registered nurse currently working with the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) as the ACORN Professional Standards Officer. In that role, Cathryn is responsible for leading and overseeing the development and promotion of ACORN's professional standards, which currently includes but is not limited to the Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (the Standards) now in their 15th edition, ACORN Professional Standards and the Practice Audit Tools (PATs). Cathryn’s career over several decades has covered senior infection prevention positions within the clinical, government, non-government and professional associations in her home country Australia and internationally. She is an Honorary Adjunct Assoc. Professor at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia. For more than 20 years Cathryn has provided independent consulting services to a range of clinical, public policy, professional associations and commercial clients throughout the world. Career highlights include working in the USA at the CDC, consulting for the World Health Organization and serving as the elected APIC President in 2010. In 2016 Cathryn became the first non-North American to be awarded APIC’s esteemed Carole de Mille Award for lifetime excellence in and dedication to the field of infection prevention. She is currently a credentialled ACIPC expert, holds the US CIC certification and is a fellow of APIC and also SHEA. Cathryn’s passion for improving patient safety through better and smarter infection control and prevention is unrelenting. Cathryn’s ideas are innovative and practical. From 2019 onwards she looks forward to learning from and giving reliable, high-quality service to, her professional peers and colleagues particularly those involved in infection control and prevention and perioperative care and nursing.
CPD time36m
First Published
Updated29 June 2023
29 June 2024
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia
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