Early Pregnancy Loss: Providing Sensitive Care

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One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage - and sadly, nothing can be done to prevent a miscarriage once it has begun. In this lecture, nurse practitioner Debora Webster-Bain looks at the medical treatment options for patients experiencing miscarriage, as well as how to provide emotional support during this distressing time.


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Debora Webster-Bain is a nurse practitioner in private practice specialising in skin cancer. She has almost 50 years of experience in nursing and has worked extensively in critical care, with a focus on caring for women who have recently experienced a miscarriage, including her having an educational DVD produced by the Victorian Government (Precious Ten: Giving Sensitive Care After Early Pregnancy Loss) to further education on this issue Australia-wide. Debora has lectured widely on this topica and was published in the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal in 2011.
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First Published09 November 2022
Updated09 November 2022
09 November 2024
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