How to Calculate Daily Feeding Requirements for Children Under 6 Months



Breastfeeding is a very secret business. We often don't know exactly how much the baby is feeding, but we calculate the volume of the baby's feeding based on the calories of the milk we offer.

Calculating daily food requirements for babies

The calculation of daily requirements for a baby is something that all pediatric nurses and midwives should know well. This allows us to accurately calculate a baby's daily requirements using a specific ratio or formula tailored to the infant's needs.

For babies under six months, the guideline is to provide 150 milliliters per kilogram of body weight per day, divided by the number of feeds.

So, if the baby weighs four kilograms and we're giving 150 milliliters per kilogram, that means the baby needs 600 milliliters a day. If the baby has four-hourly feeds around the clock, that translates to 100 milliliters per feed.

However, if the baby skips feeds during the night and sleeps longer, which would be lovely for both baby and parents, we might need to adjust to giving her 120 milliliters per feed to ensure she still gets her required daily intake.

Accurate feeding calculations are essential to support the baby's growth, health, and overall development effectively, ensuring they thrive during their early months and achieve optimal health. By maintaining precise feeding schedules and volumes, we help promote a healthy start in life for the baby.

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First Published03 July 2019
Updated02 July 2019
29 June 2025
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