Ilze Jaunberzins
17 July 2017

Responses to Challenging or Inappropriate Behaviours

In this short session, leadership coach Ilze Jaunberzins presents some adaptable scripts you can utilise when confronted with inappropriate or bullying behaviour in the workplace. Avoid escalation and make sure your responses are aligned with your organisation, and their commitment to healthcare.


Ilze Jaunberzins


Ilze is the Principal of PowerMind Life and Leadership Coaching, a science-based coaching practice. She is also a highly experienced nurse, manager and educator. Ilze is dynamic and passionate about leaders being effective; not busy, but effective and confident. Be prepared for a lively two days of inspiration and learning.


Alison Ford28 Apr 2018
Very clear and concise advice on how to address inappropriate behaviour.

Devika Nandanimala18 Apr 2018

Kelly Turner27 Mar 2018
Very helpful tips on how to deal with difficult situations.

Jacqueline Curran01 Mar 2018
To the point and gave great examples

Emily Gillies08 Nov 2017
Excellent suggestions! Thankyou.

Alanah Jane Biber03 Nov 2017
Very concise and interesting

Kym Cunningham16 Oct 2017
Good information in a short video.

Zoe Holding04 Oct 2017
Thank you

Jennifer soutar21 Sep 2017
Informative lecture giving great strategies on how to handle bullying

Phillip Au19 Sep 2017
Very precise and to the point for five minute segment on bullying

Susan Wilson18 Sep 2017
Good strategies to handle bullying

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