Ageing is inevitable. But just how do these physiological changes affect the growing list of medications that we take as we get older? Join Dr Treasure McGuire as she expands and updates her related talk on ageing and medications. (See "What are the Effects of Ageing on Medicines?")

Recorded: 06 Dec 2017


I found the educator delivered her lecture with confidence and in a way that I could understand especially being a complex area such as how medications work on the body. -- 19 Apr 2018
GREAT -- 16 Apr 2018
great -- 14 Apr 2018
the educator enabled me to remain focused as she was a good educator and I would recommend to others especially new nurses as being very encouraging -- 14 Apr 2018
veryinformative -- 13 Apr 2018
A huge area of nursing the elderly, which needsw to be further explored and studied. -- 12 Apr 2018
Well presented and informative -- 12 Apr 2018
A very informative lecture -- 10 Apr 2018
very knowledgeable -- 07 Apr 2018
Good -- 04 Apr 2018
A recording that was disrupted repeatedly. Information was relevant. -- 03 Apr 2018
An interesting topic. Useful for clinicians that come into contact with aging populations such as ED and general practice. -- 02 Apr 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals -- 27 Mar 2018
Very informative lecture -- 26 Mar 2018
Excellent short education on medication and making medicines count -- 22 Mar 2018
A very informative video -- 20 Mar 2018
Very interesting -- 19 Mar 2018
Very good knowledge shared by presenter in a way that was great to review. -- 16 Mar 2018
Very informative session, very knowledgeable presenter -- 16 Mar 2018
very good topic and very good presentation. I learnt a lot. -- 14 Mar 2018
Very informative session -- 14 Mar 2018
It is important to have patients medication reviewed regularly, especially th elderly. Do they need it? If stopping regular medication do it gradually otherwise it can cause more harm Positive changes can be made ie: Regular exercise to improve gait, balance, constipation sleeplessness. Regular vision assessments . Home/facility evaluation to improve safety. -- 09 Mar 2018
Very informative and good overview of topic -- 05 Mar 2018
Engaging and knowledgeable in her area of expertise... -- 05 Mar 2018
This was excellently presented -- 03 Mar 2018
I gained a lot of new knowledge about common medication use in the ageing population. -- 03 Mar 2018
dfdgdfgdgd -- 02 Mar 2018
very informative!! -- 28 Feb 2018
This VLA is a eye opener. Not just for nurses it should be viewed by anyone. Because multiple medications bring unwanted health issues. -- 28 Feb 2018
Very good resource especially for those in aged care. -- 27 Feb 2018
I found this lecture easy to listen to and contented made sense -- 26 Feb 2018
This lecture was very informative. -- 26 Feb 2018
It would have been so much better to complete the case study instead of editing the process that you're trying to describe. The lecture seemed to start off as one thing, then by the end I was struggling to remember the point and title of the lecture. Too much editing to make this a complete educating package. -- 26 Feb 2018
Informative -- 26 Feb 2018
This lecture covers a wide variety of information that helps nurse to have a better understanding of medication safety. -- 26 Feb 2018
very informative -- 26 Feb 2018
I found this lecture so enlightening. Even though more relevant to Doctors it also influences nurses practice with regard to care of the elderly. -- 24 Feb 2018
Learnt a lot of new information regarding of the effects of medication to the Ageing Process -- 24 Feb 2018
Brilliant -- 24 Feb 2018
Excellent reiteration if current knowledge very informative and clear. I would recommend this tutorial to others -- 23 Feb 2018