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What is missed nursing care? Is patient refusal counted as missed care? What about errors? An error of omission occurs when specified care is not provided. This differs from an error of commission where the wrong practice is carried out. In this introductory session, get clear on all these definitions and why knowing their difference is important.


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Linda Starr

Dr Linda Starr is a general and mental health qualified nurse, lawyer, and associate professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Flinders University. Her research interests have been in health law for health practitioners, criminal law, forensic health care, and elder abuse investigation and prosecution, which was the subject of her PhD. Linda is currently the chair of the state board of the Nursing and Midwifery Board, Australia, the director on the Board of Directors at the Aged Rights Advocacy Service, and is the founding president of the Australian Forensic Nurses Association. She has an extensive speaking record, nationally and internationally, on issues in health law, forensic nursing, and elder abuse.




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17 Mar 2019

Refusal of care, counselling adequate discharge against medical advice signed declaration against medical advice patient leaves before recommendation that they be discharged and without signing DAMA Patient absconding Patient missing from the venue without informing anyone any change could be masked by mental problem like dementia

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Kathryn Miller
16 Mar 2019

Interesting and informative.

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12 Mar 2019

important topic with relevant cases discussed

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