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Part one of this two-part series on preeclampsia provides a fascinating introduction to a disease of pregnancy that is steeped in history and myths. Professor Shaun Brennecke's insightful, practical and knowledgable talk will uncover the facts and bring you up to speed on the most modern information available regarding this deadly disease.


Shaun Brennecke

Professor Shaun Brennecke is the Director, Department of Perinatal Medicine, and Head of its Pregnancy Research Centre at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne. Professor Brennecke graduated from the University of Adelaide in 1978 and in 1984 he received a Doctorate of Philosophy degree from Oxford University, England for studies on the control of prostaglandins in the perinatal period. Professor Brennecke's clinical and research interests focus on aspects of Maternal Fetal Medicine, especially pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, preterm labour, placental function, the endocrinology of human pregnancy and parturition, the assessment of fetal welfare, miscarriage and factors influencing perinatal morbidity and mortality. He has published over 170 clinical and research papers on these topics.




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Good recap of prior knowledge

Julie Dickson
24 Oct 2018

Wonderful presenter, engaging, informative and great explanation.

Nicole Mackin
16 Jul 2018

Really interesting and informative.

Catriona Middleton-Rennie
10 Jul 2018

Another excellent presentation

Patricia Hurst
31 May 2018

Engaging, interesting and easy to understand.

Lara Rayson
30 May 2018

Very clear, well presented

Sandra Nowell
24 May 2018


Arleta Roszkowski
23 May 2018

Informative, clear and interesting presentation.

Rachel Dickens
18 May 2018

excellent tutorial

Sallianne Reed
18 May 2018

excellent tutorial

Sallianne Reed
18 May 2018

The best and clearest explanation of the cause of preeclampsia I've heard

Jane Fleming
18 May 2018

I enjoyed the presentation

Mary conroy
15 May 2018

Concise but detailed explanation.

Judy Applegarth
06 May 2018

Excellent and imformative lecture. Very important issues that need to be identified in pre eclampsia .this imformation is required k knowledge in emergency, so patient can have best possible outcomes

Kristine s kealy
02 May 2018

I enjoyed this preeclampsia talk. Only thought would be to make it longer and more in-depth

Sarah Peacock
01 May 2018

Very engaging, easy to understand, succinct.

Bronwyn chappel
27 Apr 2018

interesting, easy to understand

Jacqueline Henshaw
25 Apr 2018


Devika Nandanimala
23 Apr 2018

Very interesting, clear and concise.

Ruth Fisher
20 Apr 2018


Joanne Sheahan
16 Apr 2018

A great explation of pre-eclampsia.

Maree Findlay
12 Apr 2018

Well presented and explained.

Hayley Quinlan
07 Apr 2018

Great knowledge and presentation

Meghan Charleson
21 Mar 2018

Great resource! Very informative and engaging.

Anne Kinghorn
06 Mar 2018

I found this recourse material very informative, and I will put what I have learn't into action..

Teena Macdonald
27 Feb 2018

Great learning

Kym Tyler
26 Feb 2018

Excellent. Concise and practical

Caroline Gray
23 Feb 2018

A good review of evidence based disease process that can be used to improve treatment plans

Maureen Huggins
22 Feb 2018

Great information

Joana Kusi
19 Feb 2018

Great presentation

Janet Davies
19 Feb 2018

Simple and clear presentation

Philip jeffery
18 Feb 2018

Excellent introduction to this complex topic

Robyn Smith
10 Feb 2018

Very informative and easily understood

Suzanne Hook
07 Feb 2018

Very informative and well presented,relevant examples make me more understandable.

Renu Renu
07 Feb 2018

Reinforces previous knowledge but emphasises the importance of monitoring pregnant ladies and their symptoms

Jane Rodgers
07 Feb 2018

very easy to listen to and understand It is a disease that needs monitoring very carefully

Jane Rodgers
07 Feb 2018

Very insightful, easy to follow.

Emma crawford
14 Sep 2017