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There's good news, and there's bad news. Most of the education you engage in today will be forgotten, but there are ways to make it stick. Whether you've just completed an inservice, been to a conference, or are working your way through multiple online lectures today, this lecture is a must-watch to ensure that what you have learned will remain in your memory. Additionally, Jane Stanfield will provide practical ways for you to take this information back to your workplace to make positive changes.

Recorded: 13 Nov 2017


Thanks -- 24 Mar 2018
Interesting and informative. -- 24 Mar 2018
Informative and engaging -- 27 Feb 2018
Thanks -- 19 Feb 2018
Interesting information presented in a motivating manner -- 18 Feb 2018
I enjoyed this lecturer, very engaging and clear in her explanations. -- 16 Feb 2018
I enjoyed listening to this resource. It was clear, honest and relevant to me at the moment. -- 11 Feb 2018
Very well presented, lots of topics covered...more of an overview. My take home was the balance between competence and warmth will determine how we are perceived and received. -- 11 Feb 2018
This session was so knowledgeable,well explained and can be helpful to be confident in my workplace. -- 04 Feb 2018
the educator was easy to listen to -- 30 Jan 2018
A very engagin presenter -- 25 Jan 2018
A “ personable” , engaging presenter, with knowledge and insight. A wonderfully helpful session on leadership and developing your own skills at looking at yourself. So you may bring the best outcome in the session, talk, presentation, or plain interaction. -- 24 Jan 2018
It was an engaging lecture and i hope to bring back tips to my team to improve patient centred care. -- 23 Jan 2018


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