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Why do some people develop a dependence on alcohol or other drugs while others do not? This session will help you to understand what happens in the brain and body to a person taking drugs, and how dependence may develop. Includes an examination of the reward pathways in the brain, and the chemical reactions that follow.


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Tim Emerton

Tim Emerton works as a Nurse Practitioner: alcohol and other drugs in an outpatient withdrawal and pharmacotherapy stabilisation clinic. He also works in two pharmacotherapy clinics. Tim has worked in AOD and mental health for the past 24 years in various capacities. This has included managing an outpatient withdrawal service and a pharmacotherapy unit, delivering from cert IV to diploma level AOD education, and case managing in a pharmacotherapy clinic. He has worked in community and inpatient mental health settings. He spent 18 of those years working in the Northern Territory, which provided him with a diverse range of experiences. He was the Community Nurse of the Year in the Northern Territory in 2006. He was the first AOD Nurse Practitioner in QLD. He has a passion to further professionalism and education in AOD nurses and the general community.



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matthew cheney
23 Aug 2019

Always good to have a better understanding of addiction and one that covers the latest research in neuroscience including the best treatment options . I find addiction an interesting topic and think that as clinicians we often pass judgement too easily with these people as they are often serial offenders and with self inflicting behaviours one can understand why as frontline medical providers we can often get frustrated and treat them accordingly. I did not learn a whole lot from this but what I did was well worth it as it did change my paradigm in this regard.

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Mary Wyn
16 Aug 2019


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Catherine Papadopoulos
01 Aug 2019

Very interesting and informative lecture, although the audience seemed mostly psych nurses the general nurse could gain alot of important information from this.

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Narelle Fisher
29 Jul 2019

Very interesting informative talk

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Heather Blackhall
24 Jul 2019

Very interesting presentation by an engaging practitioner who obviously knew his subject and had a great ability to impart the knowledge in a way most professionals could understand.

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Dean James Irwin
23 Jul 2019

This resource was beneifical to me in understanding the current practises and medications being offered to patients with addictive natures and long history of abuse.

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Matthew lawrence
20 Jul 2019

Good listen, wish there was more detail on control mechanism of addiction (dopamine/ pain pathway).

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James Parkinson
17 Jul 2019

It gave a progression in the way addition is considered in the community and well as the medical field. the present methods of treatment.

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James Parkinson
17 Jul 2019

This appear to give a base of how mental health used to be view, and the the changing views the a have progressively come and the will be built on in the future.