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Cover image for lecture: Toxic Workplace Relationships

Lecture Overview

This session will help you to understand why some personalities are a potential cause of difficult workplace situations. Understand the difference between personality disorders and legitimately toxic behaviour in the workplace, and how you can navigate these relationships to ensure your mental wellbeing is put before all else.


Portrait of Amanda Smith
Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith is a proud and vocal advocate of comprehensive health care with a passion for mental health nursing. Although initially starting her career in general nursing, working across the aged care sector, cardiac, medical, and later emergency departments, Amanda's desire to improve quality outcomes for those suffering with mental distress navigated her career towards mental health nursing and education. For the last 7 years, along with being a clinical practitioner in the mental health care arena, Amanda has additionally been privileged to work alongside some truly amazing academics as a sessional tutor teaching in tertiary institutions in Queensland for undergraduate nursing and paramedic degree students. Amanda's experience spans all facets of mental health nursing from acute triage and assessment, to emergency and special service co-response teams, to high dependency and case management. She is passionate about consumers receiving quality service from first contact throughout their entire mental health journey. She believes the fundamental issue for all consumers is the barriers of stigma and discrimination, which often prevents people from making that initial contact and receiving both accurate physical and mental health assessment. It is Amanda's ongoing intention to address these barriers through drawing on her own journey and experience, as well as through clinical practice, education, and ongoing professional development. See Educator Profile


111 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of stanley catts
stanley catts
19 Feb 2020

mmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm

Generic portrait
Jennifer Wallis
30 Jan 2020

This was a really helpful and informative session. I felt more empowered after watching it, to try and implement some changes in how I cope with negativity in my work environment.

Generic portrait
18 Jan 2020

I have been exposed to workplace violence and agression in the past , l found this module to have given me hope and a good tips on how to look after myself . Hopefully l can help others to stay positive like me . Thankyou ..

Generic portrait
Denis Cronin
17 Jan 2020

Enjoyable watch and well presented. There could be more information on how deal with certain personalities and what is not acceptable in the workplace.

Generic portrait
bronwyn ann beecroft
28 Dec 2019

Well grounded.

Generic portrait
Michele Selby
16 Oct 2019

Excellent presentation. So much of nursing involves communication with people of all different personalities.

Generic portrait
Robyn Smith
13 Sep 2019

Excellent informative lecture

Generic portrait
Annaliza Villahermosa
18 Aug 2019

This learning session provided me a very good insight in managing toxicity in the workplace

Portrait of Zoe Robins
Zoe Robins
25 Jul 2019


Generic portrait
Robyn Joy Carter
20 Jul 2019

Great resource for all staff Knowledge of how to recognise a HCP antisocial personality is an essential tool for survival in toxic workplaces. This is a must do lecture to enhance survival.