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CPD49m of CPD
First Published
Updated29 May 2022
Expires 30 May 2025
Recorded InBrisbane, Australia

Course Overview

Effective communication is a skill all healthcare professionals need, but one that not all are naturally good at. This Ausmed Course explores effective communication through several common communication scenarios you may find yourself in, to help you navigate and master each interaction you have in your day-to-day practice.

  • The importance of effective communication in healthcare
  • How not to communicate
  • Key principles of a clinical handover
  • Mastering crucial conversations
  • How to communicate critical information

Effective communication skills are crucial for those who work in healthcare and could be the difference between life and death. In a single day, healthcare workers can speak to countless people of varying educational, cultural and social backgrounds and they must do so in an effective, caring and professional manner. Though considered a 'soft' skill, effective communication is one of the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards that all healthcare professionals are expected to meet.


To provide the learner with skills to ensure effective communication in healthcare, guided by the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standard 6: Communicating for Safety.

Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the importance of effective communication.
  • Implement structured clinical handover processes.
  • Develop the skills to communicate critical information effectively.
Target Audience

All healthcare professionals looking for information on effective communication.


No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medications or products have been used.

CPD49m of CPD
First Published
Updated29 May 2022
30 May 2025
Recorded InBrisbane, Australia
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