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Medical necessity v a potential for misuse. Can the study of ethics help us to determine if the potential to relieve suffering and improve symptoms outweighs the potentially harmful effects of cannabis? This timely and engaging lecture on the ethical considerations of legalising marijuana is not to be missed.


Richard Matthews

Dr Richard Matthews graduated with a PhD in Philosophy from Queen’s University, Canada in 1999. He has taught philosophy, social justice, and medical ethics at multiple universities. In addition, he has been a visiting research fellow at the Queensland University of Technology (2008) and at the University of Western Australia (2010). Dr Matthews’ research focus is the nature, consequences, and ethics surrounding violence. His main work is on the ethics of torture "The Absolute Violation: why torture must be prohibited" (Montreal & Kingston, MQUP, 2008). He has also published multiple essays on torture, social justice, and music education, as well as health ethics. Along with his academic career, Dr Matthews spent three and a half years working as a practising bioethicist – primarily in Indigenous health and long-term care – in northwestern Ontario. His bioethical interests focus on health ethics with Indigenous people and social justice in health care.




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This lecturere had a lot of good information and spoke clearly and was engaging.

Georgia Jones
11 Jan 2019

Clearly presented. There were points discussed which I hadn't really thought of when comparing medications in general that might harm unintentionally a patient as compared to the use of marijuana.

Michelle Pinci
07 Jan 2019

Engaging and well presented

Susan Sinclair
07 Jan 2019

Given that only just recently I was confronted with this very topic and although we went with what the patient wanted it really went against everything I believed in. So this topic has been an amazing eye opener and a wonderful learning experience.

Gail Mary O'Neill
29 Dec 2018

very informative

suzanne roslyn mason
16 Dec 2018