The Effects of Alcohol in Women

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Drinking alcohol is somewhat of a normalised source of self-medication for many women, including new mothers. While it may seem ok to have a wine to 'take the edge off' a stressful day, this habit can often begin to have detrimental impacts on health. This session examines the different ways alcohol can affect females and why women in Australia are drinking more than ever right now.


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Dr Martin Jackson is a clinical neuropsychologist with over 30 years experience in acute hospitals, rehabilitation and community settings. He has also taught psychology at a tertiary level and was appointed to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Clinical Panel as a clinical neurologist. Martin regularly conducts workshops and training in alcohol and other substance-related brain injury, head injury and behaviour management.
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First Published10 June 2019
Updated09 June 2019
29 September 2023
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