The Effects of Alcohol in Women

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Lecture Overview

Drinking alcohol is somewhat of a normalised source of self-medication for many women, including new mothers. While it may seem ok to have a wine to 'take the edge off' a stressful day, this habit can often begin to have detrimental impacts on health. This session examines the different ways alcohol can affect females and why women in Australia are drinking more than ever right now.


Portrait of Martin Jackson
Martin Jackson

Dr Martin Jackson has worked as a clinical neuropsychologist for 30 years in acute hospitals, rehabilitation, and community settings, as well as in tertiary education and private practice. His areas of expertise include alcohol and other substance-related brain injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke and other forms of acquired brain injury, rehabilitation (especially behaviour management) following brain injury, the neuropsychological and cognitive consequences of mood disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc), and assessment of decision-making capacity (e.g. financial management, lifestyle decisions, testamentary capacity, fitness to plead and stand trial). Martin is a consultant to the Department of Health (Victoria), the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC), and Workcover (Victoria). He has a strong research background and has twice been invited to the Oxford University Round Table (drug and alcohol). Martin is an endorsed clinical neuropsychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and a registered Supervisor. He also regularly conducts workshops and training in alcohol and other substance-related brain injury, head injury, and behaviour management and provides supervision to other clinical neuropsychologists. Martin now works full-time in a medicolegal private practice, providing assessments for insurance companies, statutory bodies (AHPRA), medicolegal companies, and solicitors. See Educator Profile

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First Published10 June 2019
Updated10 June 2019
29 April 2022
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