John Serginson
29 April 2018

Respiratory Anatomy and Physiology (Part One)

Join John Serginson on a winding trip through respiratory anatomy and physiology and experience a refresher on A&P that will leave you wanting more. Linking normal and abnormal anatomy and physiology with common respiratory presentations, you will learn much more than just your simple textbook outline of the lungs.


John Serginson


John Serginson has been a Nurse Practitioner: respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his Nurse Practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital. He is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 29 years’ experience as a nurse (16 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy, and COPD models of care.


Nelson Madriaga28 Aug 2018
Well presented. Easy tu understand. Would recommend to other nurses

Pen Wilson31 Jul 2018
Good session

Patricia camacho04 Jul 2018
Very informative topic

Very informative. I learnt so much.

Hannah Evans22 Jun 2018
Very easy to follow and quite captivating in the education provided

Lei Zhang15 Jun 2018
very good presentation. helps me review the respiratory anatomy and physiology. new skills gained.

Sophie Sophie15 Jun 2018
The educator made everything very easy to understand through the use of examples.

Geraldine luker12 Jun 2018
Very informative and very well produced. The presenter broke down each area of the presentation which allowed for easy learning. Respiratory disease is a growing concern and much of this information helps the health orofessionals

Siobhan McMahon12 Jun 2018
Excellent presenter

Robin Dolan11 Jun 2018
Well explained and useful information in treating and understanding respiratory patients

Carolyn Wotherspoon06 Jun 2018
Great presentation. Easy to understand, informative, engaging and good practical application

Theresa Diane Johnson04 Jun 2018
Excellent information thank you

Kirsty walsh04 Jun 2018
Very informative

Annette richards02 Jun 2018
Very good lecture for reviewing current knowledge. Very informative.

Liz Griffiths01 Jun 2018
Concise, practical analysis of respiratory physiology with pathology explained. Gives pointers to a better physical examination.

Christina MacIntyre01 Jun 2018
Excellent presentation.

Vanessa mee31 May 2018
Great concise session

Lucy Fanning31 May 2018
Excellent presentation.I found the explanation of the mechanics of a cough extremely helpful.The strategies to alleviate debilitating coughing are tools that I will now use when caring for residents with respiratory symptoms.

Patricia Hurst31 May 2018
Very informative . New knowledge & latest Policy on O2therapy

Cheryl Brillanti31 May 2018
Very informative with good information with practical knowledge for treating respiratory patients.

Danyelle Cronan31 May 2018

Penny Stanley31 May 2018
Very interesting topic

Excellent presentation.

Ruth Curtis31 May 2018
Very interesting

Phillipa OBrien31 May 2018
My ward is mostly a respiratory ward with many older patients with chronic airways diseases This has given me a better understanding of the thoracic anatomy and great techniques to help with sob

Mary Anne Mara31 May 2018
excellent and engaging lecture.

Jane Crowther31 May 2018
Great information presented in an interesting format

Josie Wilson31 May 2018
Very interesting, and specific

James Shattock30 May 2018
Excellent. Thank you

Shane Andrew Latham30 May 2018
Informative and easy to follow along with the information provided

Rebecca Thomas 30 May 2018
Very informative and engaging.

Tonia Ataraoti30 May 2018
Great presentation; very informative

Elizabeth Taylor30 May 2018
Excellent analogies used to help students understand content.

Eden Kersten30 May 2018
Was engaging and informative.

Drew Antrobus30 May 2018
Very educational

Maria-Lisa Andonela Cravo30 May 2018
This was a very good tutorial and very explanatory.

Margaret Smith30 May 2018
Looking forward to Part 2

Brenda Wilson30 May 2018
This respiratory segment was helpful to me. It reinforced anatomy and physiology of the respiratory system. It reinforced the practice of listening to all he five lobes of the lungs. One lobe might have obstruction or infection. I revisited some airways problem and how this plays out in the way patients breathe, hold their posture and create breathing patterns. The section on coughing was extremely helpful to understand the mechanics of a cough and how to counteract it and help a patient to have control over their cough. I feel this knowledge will help my patients.

Margaret Smith30 May 2018
Enjoyable listening

Sally Gallaway30 May 2018

Rachel Dickens30 May 2018
Interesting, good explanation of lung anatomy and phidiology

Shelley Collier30 May 2018
Good resource. Anyone can have a respiratory issue.

Hayley Mackay29 May 2018

Avelina Go Chow29 May 2018
Informative and very educational

Michelle Lipman29 May 2018
Excellent presenter.

Suellen Gaynor29 May 2018

Valerie Courreges29 May 2018

Lynda Tehan29 May 2018
Very informative: thank you

Soji Plathottathil Scaria29 May 2018

CHERYL TYAS29 May 2018
Well done

Zhen Song29 May 2018
Very useful resource.

Vassiliki Soulios28 May 2018
Well presented.

great presenter! 5 stars.

Dianne Allen28 May 2018
Excellent to listen to.Was able to take away extra knowledge regarding respiratory examination of the lungs.

Kirsty Ryall28 May 2018
Excellent lecture to both reinforce respiratory anatomy and physiology as well as patient diagnosis and positive techniques and treatments for respiratory patients. Very highly recommended.

Margaretha van de Reyt28 May 2018
Knowledgeable and very enjoyable style of teaching.

Camilla Maree Govan28 May 2018
I found this a little hard to follow at times but otherwise it provides some useful practical tips for respiratory patients

Robert david rockliffe28 May 2018
a great lecture which taught me new knowledge and refreshed knowledge

Lynda Ann Stanmore27 May 2018

Arleta Roszkowski27 May 2018

Alison Hooper27 May 2018
Super presenter, loved listening and inhaling the fresh knowledge. Thanks.

Princess Abigail Vero26 May 2018

john glendenning26 May 2018
great seminar

Naomi Lewis26 May 2018
Well presented

Elizabeth Uhlmann26 May 2018
Quick review of common respiratory problems and their causes.

Joachim FERRER26 May 2018
Good way of keeping up to date.

Claire Dunne25 May 2018
This resource as highly informative

Tupou Makasini25 May 2018

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