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Cover image for lecture: Relation-Based Competence: Why it Matters!

Lecture Overview

How staff relate to patients as well as each other has a direct relationship with quality and safety. However, this area of organisational performance – relational proficiency – is often neglected and seldom seen as a competency. In this lecture, Donna Wright explores relation‐based competence and why it matters to patient care.


Portrait of Donna Wright
Donna Wright

Ms. Wright is a professional development specialist with Creative Healthcare Management in Minneapolis, MN. Donna has worked with many health care organizations to help them create meaningful, effective programs that support staff development and competency assessment for all departments. She is the author of the book, The Ultimate Guide to Competency Assessment in Healthcare – which has been translated into Japanese, and is being used throughout Japan. Her most recent publication is The Competency Assessment Field Guide. She is also one of the co-authors of the national award winning book, Relationship-based care: A model for transforming practice. Donna received her Masters Degree in nursing education from the University of Minnesota. She has worked in both staff and leadership roles. Her experiences have taken her to a variety of health care settings including rural Africa. Donna is a member and past president of the Association for Nursing Professional Development and is a recipient of their “Promoting Excellence in Consultation” award. Donna is known for her energy and refreshing approach to education and learning. See Educator Profile


12 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
Gail Wright
03 Apr 2020

I found the presenter very engaging. Her presentation allows for the application of a different approach to the problem of competencies and a method of ensuring that staff are able to maintain their skills and knowledge as the information age continues to move forward faster and faster.

Generic portrait
Margaret Smith
21 Mar 2020

A very refreshing and inspirational approach underpinned by great humour and interesting nursing scenarios.

Generic portrait
Saskia Stomps
15 Mar 2020

This resource was very well presented. It provided me with new concepts on how to approach a situation and the impact of a positive approach as opposed to a a negative approach and presentation.

Generic portrait
Debra Elizabeth Pandik
14 Mar 2020

An excellent and dynamic presentation by Donna Gave me lots of tools for my educational needs with an amusing and insightful spin

Generic portrait
Bev Brown
10 Mar 2020

She is a fantastic educator I wish I could work with her. A daily dose would do wonders for my confience

Generic portrait
mary susan delos reyes
03 Mar 2020

very informative

Generic portrait
Minji Park
27 Feb 2020

Very informative Thank you so much!

Generic portrait
pauline Sheppard
26 Feb 2020

Excellent resource- I loved the practical examples she provided, and I have definitely learnt a great deal more about relational competence.

Generic portrait
Nicole Hollins
24 Feb 2020

Great resource which I would like to introduce to both my Teaching and clinical work places.

Generic portrait
Nanette Evangelista
24 Feb 2020

this resource improves the way I see my colleagues and those others I encounter at work, which can contribute to how I effectively perform my duties.