The modern patient has greater input and direction into their care now than they ever did before. With this in mind, what kind of ethical issues might this raise for healthcare professionals? What are your obligations in terms of providing care in this day and age?

Recorded: 22 Oct 2017


Brilliant lecture. Very useful for all areas of nursing. -- 20 Apr 2018
Great -- 17 Apr 2018
Another excellent presentation by Dr Karen-Anne Clarke. -- 28 Mar 2018
Very informative,Good and interesting topic was selected for lecture. Relevant examples used to make us understand the session. Greatjob!! -- 05 Feb 2018
This was an excellent presentation which gave important insight and strategies to approach and help people to succeed with the process of change -- 02 Dec 2017
Good lecture, interesting information about schizophrenia in there aswell. -- 23 Nov 2017


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