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Lecture Overview

A serious, preventable complication associated with vascular access is infection. For instance, Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) are hospital-acquired infections that can lead to sepsis. This session reviews the key considerations that relate to the safe management of vascular access devices, with a focus on the prevention of CLABSI.


Portrait of Gillian Ray-Barruel
Gillian Ray-Barruel

Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nursing and ICU researcher who coordinated the OMG Study, which recruited more than 40,000 patients with peripheral intravenous catheters globally. Gillian has extensive experience in vascular access devices research, critical care nursing, patient assessment, project management, medical writing and editing, and clinical trials coordination. Gillian is fully funded by a highly competitive Griffith University post-doctoral fellowship to improve assessment and action by bedside clinicians regarding the prevention of IV complications.




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Portrait of Letitia Dodman
Letitia Dodman
24 Mar 2019

Excellent overview of central line access and the prevention of infection.

Portrait of Jenna He
Jenna He
11 Mar 2019

This presentation helps me to go through all the aspects regarding blood stream infection prevention when caring for the patient with venous access devices.

Generic portrait
Susan Beahl
10 Mar 2019

Excellent straight to the point, good knowledge.

Generic portrait
Alice Wells
08 Mar 2019

it was short but direct and good overview of process of infections and ways to prevent

Portrait of Gillian Draper
Gillian Draper
08 Mar 2019

Very informative and interesting presentation.

Generic portrait
Sharon Gatt
07 Mar 2019

a very enlightening lecture on the importance of asepsis especially when dealing with those already ill

Generic portrait
Marcia G Gomez
07 Mar 2019

Good presentation make us aware of how important basic care is in preventing infections to patients

Generic portrait
Warren Peterson
06 Mar 2019

Very basic information Could have benefited from pictures outlining infections or biofilm build up etc

Generic portrait
Philippa Macris
06 Mar 2019

Good reminder that attention to basic care can prevent major problems for our patients.

Generic portrait
Deirdre Gillick
05 Mar 2019

Good presentation