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Cover image for lecture: Narcissists and Other Personality Disorders in the Workplace

Lecture Overview

While many pathological behaviours are overt and easy to identify, it is the insidious passive-aggressive behaviours that are often more challenging. This session uses case studies to explain the various types of personality disorders you may find in your workplace and explore practical strategies in managing narcissistic personalities in particular.


Portrait of Karen-Ann Clarke
Karen-Ann Clarke

Dr Karen-Ann Clarke is a registered nurse and a specialised mental health nurse with 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and families impacted by the experience of mental illness. Using a feminist narrative methodology, her PhD research explored the way that women diagnosed with depression made decisions and meanings about receiving electroconvulsive therapy. As a lecturer in nursing at USC, Karen-Ann is responsible for the coordination of mental health curricula across multiple undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Teaching in excess of 900 undergraduate students each year, she is passionate about the value that immersive mental health simulation can bring to student’s learning and clinical skills and the way that it can safely bring to life theoretical concepts related to mental healthcare. Karen-Ann currently supervises a number of honours, masters and PhD students and is part of numerous research projects, involving visualisation and simulation, mental illness, suicide prevention and the inclusion of people with lived experience of mental illness into the teaching and learning space. See Educator Profile


95 Total Rating(s)
Portrait of Jayne Cvetanoski
Jayne Cvetanoski
06 Feb 2020

Excellent informative lecture, giving great info on how to cope with and communicate with different types of personalities in the workplace.

Generic portrait
Moira Munro
11 Jan 2020

Interesting presentation

Generic portrait
Allison steinohrt
15 Nov 2019

Good resource for understanding and getting strategies.

Generic portrait
Sarah Edmonds
11 Jul 2019

This resource gave a very good understanding of the different types of personalities in the work place and what to look out for.

Portrait of Michelle Snowball
Michelle Snowball
22 Jun 2019

Great in formation on the personality type but I feel there could have been more content on how to address this in the mental health setting

Generic portrait
Sibi Thompson
11 Jun 2019

This resource highlighted the different in relationships between Narcism and border line Personality disorders

Generic portrait
Kathleen Jones
02 Jun 2019

Increase team cohesiveness and function by acknowledging: Bullying due to this personality type has been pervasive and inflexible and the team has done well to endure it. See the significant distress of team members and that motivated by pain they are forced to make a choice to leave or suck it up. Recognize that people can be in the line of fire just due to their higher qualifications and their experience. Hope for the best scenario being that someone high enough" who can see it " and call it out.

Generic portrait
Jennifer Fraser
31 May 2019


Generic portrait
Diana Wilson
31 May 2019

great lecture, information and presentation. thankyou

Generic portrait
Lisette Tatnell
31 May 2019

Really interesting and useful