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Threats of physical or verbal aggression is NEVER acceptable, under any circumstances. Sometimes they can be explained due to an individual being severely unwell but this does not mean our own mental and emotional health is not affected. Geoffrey Ahern gives an unmissable presentation on managing these behaviours with de-escalation techniques and recognising when an individual is at risk of harming themselves or others.

Recorded: 05 May 2017


Fantastic presenter -- 20 Jun 2018
Excellent. I enjoy listening to this presenters lectures. He is engaging. -- 19 Jun 2018
I love this presenter! Always has a way of not letting my attention space out.. -- 11 Jun 2018
Amazing presenter, very engaging! -- 31 May 2018
Great session -- 28 May 2018
Brilliant natural teacher informative and interesting. -- 25 May 2018
Geoff's a natural lecterer found the session to be informative as well as interesting Wonderful advice presented some very helpful tools Well Done would like to see more sessions from him -- 25 May 2018
helpful tools -- 24 May 2018
Educater was extremely good and inviting. He would be great to work with -- 12 May 2018
well done Geoff -- 02 May 2018
Very informative -- 01 May 2018
Well presented -- 27 Apr 2018
Educator was informative and gave many helpful pieces of advice and guidance. -- 20 Apr 2018
An excellent and informative lecture delivered with knowledge, experience and sensitivity. -- 16 Apr 2018
Wonderful presentation delivered with great knowledge and sensitivity -- 16 Apr 2018
Such an engaging and interesting lecture. The passion and compassion for his work and others in addition to education is admirable. -- 12 Apr 2018
Good and relevant information presented well -- 07 Apr 2018
Good and relevant information presented well -- 07 Apr 2018
A very good presentation, informative and practical strategies recommended for de escalation are worth trying. -- 05 Apr 2018
very well presented with a lot of very good strategies. will definitely be well used -- 20 Mar 2018
very well presented -- 06 Mar 2018
Great presentation from someone who is able to draw on lots of personal experience and is a natural at lecturing. -- 06 Mar 2018
well presented -- 23 Dec 2017
Interesting and engaging -- 31 Oct 2017
Very informative, useful and up to date -- 12 Sep 2017


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