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Cover image for lecture: De-escalation of Physical Aggression

Lecture Overview

Threats of physical or verbal aggression is NEVER acceptable, under any circumstances. Sometimes they can be explained due to an individual being severely unwell but this does not mean our own mental and emotional health is not affected. Geoffrey Ahern gives an unmissable presentation on managing these behaviours with de-escalation techniques and recognising when an individual is at risk of harming themselves or others.


Portrait of Geoffrey Ahern
Geoffrey Ahern

Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician and educator who splits his time between working with people in a mental health crisis in the ED setting and working proactively to educate other health professionals and the community about how to better understand mental health problems, as well as substance use and addiction. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in emergency and trauma, rural nursing, alcohol and other drug counselling, and psychiatric nursing across both the public and private sectors. He holds a masters of health science (mental health and addiction). Geoff is particularly fascinated by the impact that exercise, nutrition, community, meaning and purpose, and practices like yoga have on a person’s mental health, as well as living a simple life of reflection, contentment and wonderment. See Educator Profile


150 Total Rating(s)
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Barbara Ford
04 Feb 2020

really interesting and informative session

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bronwyn ann beecroft
19 Dec 2019

Excellent review of material.

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Michael Wright
13 Dec 2019

Good lecture and very accurate with content... should be mandatory training to all mental health professionals

Generic portrait
Jennifer Hudson
09 Dec 2019

Very good, clear lecture.

Portrait of Daryl Stuart
Daryl Stuart
23 Nov 2019

Well presented, interesting, practical and informative. I like the insertion of personal experiences into the presentation. Thank you.

Generic portrait
Donna Smith
16 Nov 2019

Excellent lecture. Informative and insightful.

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Dianne Paddock
09 Oct 2019


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Mary McEvoy
12 Sep 2019

I found this to be a very good session and I learnt a good amount of new knowledge

Generic portrait
Stephen Allan
03 Aug 2019

Absolutely fabulous lecture- Very relevant and made me look at my past practice and will keep my future practice relevant and may make it easier for me to assess pt's . This can only benefit the pt's I care for.'

Generic portrait
Heather Darroch
01 Aug 2019

Excellent, educational and engaging presentation.