How to Keep Yourself Safe from Infection

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The need to maintain personal safety is ever-present where healthcare acquired infections are concerned. Not only must we keep ourselves safe but nurses have a duty to ensure the risk of infection to patients and clients is minimised as well. Which infections are nurses most susceptible to? Are you using the right PPE? Could you be doing more to avoid HAIs?


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Carol Rosevear

Carol Rosevear is a registered nurse with extensive experience in infection control, and in managing operating rooms and day procedure centres. Carol is a principal partner in the Victorian Infection Prevention Services and she holds a Certificate in Operating Room & Nursing Management; a Certificate in Sterilisation and Disinfection; a Graduate Diploma in Infection Control; is accredited in Victoria as a nurse immuniser; and is a HIV/HCV counsellor and cleaning standards auditor. Carol has previously worked as a DON and UM in a busy private healthcare facility and assisted with coordinating a service-wide infection control program. See Educator Profile

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First Published05 September 2017
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13 September 2020
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