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The need to maintain personal safety is ever-present where healthcare acquired infections are concerned. Not only must we keep ourselves safe but nurses have a duty to ensure the risk of infection to patients and clients is minimised as well. Which infections are nurses most susceptible to? Are you using the right PPE? Could you be doing more to avoid HAIs?

Recorded: 13 Aug 2017


Better understanding of infection control -- 26 May 2018
Good base knowledge for all nurses. -- 24 May 2018
This lecture is a must for all nurses to reinforce their knowledge in infection control and the correct use of PPE. This lecture is Up to Date and relevant to all nurses and care workers. -- 18 May 2018
great -- 13 May 2018
Well organised contents with clear explanation and examples! -- 25 Apr 2018
Very good. Easy to understand. -- 21 Apr 2018
Excellent -- 29 Mar 2018
Great education -- 07 Sep 2017