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Cover image for lecture: Human Behaviour and Motivation (Part One)

Lecture Overview

Conflict develops because we are dealing with people's lives, jobs, children, pride, self-concept, ego and sense of mission or purpose. It is essential to understand human behaviours to deal with or defuse disruptive behaviour. In this lecture, Jane Stanfield outlines how motivation can influence our behaviour at work and delves into managing our emotions to make the workplace a positive place for all.
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Portrait of Jane Stanfield
Jane Stanfield

Jane Stanfield is a health service improvement coach. She comes with 30 years’ experience in healthcare, half as a clinician and half in health administration, support and coaching. Having had a brush with burnout herself and several close family members receiving healthcare, her focus is on bringing compassion back to healthcare for all involved. Her current use of neuroscience and mindfulness at work enables healthcare providers to work with their own mind, emotions and behaviour to influence their culture in a way that will energise and motivate them as they manage the safety and reliability of their care and its focus on the patient while caring for themselves. Jane is currently coaching several nurse leaders and runs workshops on leadership, shaping cultures, wellbeing, and communication and patient safety (CAPS). Her most recent professional development personally is in LEAN thinking - reducing waste and improving flow in healthcare…because waste is disrespectful to people! See Educator Profile


35 Total Rating(s)
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georgia georgia
03 Apr 2020

well informed and good knowledge

Generic portrait
Shamiso Dzinavatonga
02 Apr 2020

Well presented

Generic portrait
rebecca morrissey
01 Apr 2020

Very informative

Generic portrait
Gail Bissell
30 Mar 2020

Great, the lecturer was knowledgeable and entertaining. I would highly recommend.

Generic portrait
Sujin Lee
30 Mar 2020


Generic portrait
Georgina Irons
28 Mar 2020

Interesting topics, well presented

Generic portrait
Saskia Stomps
26 Mar 2020

This resource gave me a better understanding of human behaviour and motivation. It explained how culture, values, emotion relate to motivation and the science behind it. What I learnt provided me with valuable knowledge, in understanding peoples "stories"and how they may impact in the overall experience of a situation. This may be of especially important in todays environment with the COVID 19 outbreak.

Generic portrait
Thomas Mann
15 Mar 2020

Very interesting and well presented

Generic portrait
Catherine Papadopoulos
12 Mar 2020

Excellent resource that helps identify personal beliefs that may benefit or hinder work related practices and ability to respond and engage with colleagues at all levels.

Generic portrait
Lucila Tooley
12 Mar 2020

Good relevant information for a healthy workplace.