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The ability to communicate quickly and decisively, across a lattice-work of interactions is essential in today’s fast-paced and complex healthcare context. This session looks at how to refine your communication skills in the workplace to be more assertive when advocating for your patient, and why emotional intelligence is a big factor when communicating in a high-stress setting.

Recorded: 22 Feb 2018


I really like this podcast, It highlighted the points where I find myself comfortable and able to be assertive in a non-judgemental manner.I do this easily and with self awareness, I have never found myself in a confrontational manner with my patients due to this acknowledgement of myself. Being self aware and knowing what your body language is stating from someone else point of view. -- 14 Jun 2018
Full of useful information. The presenter was engaging and knowledgeable of the subject. Thank you! -- 11 Jun 2018
nice lecture which provides some insights that will definitely help with patient advocacy -- 28 May 2018
Yes, inspiring sentiments on a super hero level. -- 26 May 2018
Excellent lecture. Very useful tips and tools for increasing assertiveness skills in the workplace. -- 18 May 2018
quick learning and useful -- 14 May 2018
-- 12 May 2018
good -- 11 May 2018
Great highly recommended -- 09 May 2018
Informative session. Good delivery. -- 07 May 2018
Good delivery and content -- 06 May 2018
I highly recommend this APP -- 03 May 2018
A good review of an aspect of professional communication -- 03 May 2018
engaging seminar, very informative and helpful as a new graduate. -- 30 Apr 2018
Interesting and important. -- 29 Apr 2018
Very informative and engaging. -- 22 Apr 2018
I liked the broad understanding of the presenter and the way she introduced new terminology to describe what many nurses instinctively know and practice. -- 21 Apr 2018
-- 19 Apr 2018
Good quick lecture -- 15 Apr 2018
Excellent way to teach deplomacy in communication. -- 13 Apr 2018
Very useful -- 11 Apr 2018
Excellent lecture on increasing assertiveness where the power imbalance could be a barrier to good patient outcomes -- 10 Apr 2018
Good information -- 08 Apr 2018
It was a useful podcast. Great tips on being assertive and vocabulary to use in different situations. -- 08 Apr 2018
Well presented -- 07 Apr 2018
the presenter was very confident and referenced research in her presentation. the tools for assertiveness will I think be very useful in critical care settings -- 05 Apr 2018
video audio was distorted at times but excellent tools for communication -- 05 Apr 2018
Informative and clear guide to skills to use to become more assertive. -- 04 Apr 2018
Extremely useful presentation. It can sometimes be difficult not to cross the line between assertiveness and aggression. -- 04 Apr 2018
The quality of sound is not good. I heard static voice whole lecture. Otherwise it's a good presentation. -- 03 Apr 2018
well presented and relatable -- 02 Apr 2018
Very informative but would be better if given in more detail with more strategies and examples. -- 01 Apr 2018
I never thought that using the SBAR could help in with being assertive I have only used it in the past to pass on information or ask a question. -- 31 Mar 2018
Never thought to use the SBAR in being assertive, so I found this very intersting -- 31 Mar 2018
I tend to be submissive around people who are aggressive so I have gained points of how to speak to work colleagues and patients. -- 30 Mar 2018
Good lecture -- 29 Mar 2018
It was concise and relevant. -- 29 Mar 2018
good -- 28 Mar 2018
Engaging and able to effectively link the evidence to clinical practice that is targeted at optimised client and health care practioner outcomes -- 27 Mar 2018
Great reminder on communication skills, very informative -- 26 Mar 2018
Informative and engaging speaker -- 24 Mar 2018
good -- 24 Mar 2018
Jane whilst pointing out what should be obviously clear shows that this is not the case. Once again time pressure and hierarchy dominance in the work place can remove the strength we need to advocate for patients, residents, families or even our self's. The little tips give a polite and gentle way for health workers to ensure self preservation -- 22 Mar 2018
Again, I am reminded of the complexities of assessment and the need to respond appropriately. With such a fast paced system, and one that is more and more relying on business models and monetary gain, I have no doubt, that no amount of teachings will correct the damages in communication that are bound to occur.We can only try. -- 21 Mar 2018
This helps in maintaining good relationship between nurse and patient interactions so with other allied health team for the safety of all. -- 20 Mar 2018
Interesting and informative . Information relevant and helpful and easy to understand. -- 20 Mar 2018
Excellent presentation. -- 20 Mar 2018
Really informative -- 20 Mar 2018
This was my first course that I have watched. I found it easy to understand, information was relevant and the strategies that I will look at adopting were helpful. Thankyou -- 19 Mar 2018
Very informative article -- 19 Mar 2018
I would recommend this course to others as it was engaging and focused on the main topic. The issues addressed were basic, yet important. I think it's necessary to touch on this topic every once in a while as you can easily forget about things as basic as an introduction when you're busy and focused on the task at hand. -- 19 Mar 2018
Excellent - easy to follow with realistic applications -- 18 Mar 2018
The main points I learn and take from this learning were the 1)domains of emotional intelligence and there definitions. Self awareness, self motivation, self regulation - can controll or redirect distruptive impulses and think before acting, emphathy-able to understand emotions of others,motivation with passion for work. 2)graded assertiveness”PACE” Probe, Alert, Challenge, & Emergency. And how to communicate in PACE. -- 18 Mar 2018
A helpful reminder on communication strategies to distinguish assertiveness from aggressiveness -- 18 Mar 2018
Very relevant with the current state of the healthcare system. -- 18 Mar 2018
very good, informative -- 17 Mar 2018
Interesting and informative lecture. -- 17 Mar 2018