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In acute care settings where patients may be immunocompromised, preventing healthcare-associated infections is essential. If accessing a peripheral intravenous cannula is within your scope, this session provides an important refresher on the key aspects of assessing a peripheral IVC and how to recognise signs of infection. Come away feeling competent and confident in your ability with this expert address from Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel.


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Gillian Ray-Barruel

Dr Gillian Ray-Barruel is a leading nursing and ICU researcher who coordinated the OMG Study, which recruited more than 40,000 patients with peripheral intravenous catheters globally. Gillian has extensive experience in vascular access devices research, critical care nursing, patient assessment, project management, medical writing and editing, and clinical trials coordination. Gillian is fully funded by a highly competitive Griffith University post-doctoral fellowship to improve assessment and action by bedside clinicians regarding the prevention of IV complications.




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Felicity Berriman
22 Mar 2019

very good knowledge and interesting

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Jill Jaap
19 Mar 2019

Excellent- informative and challenging. Would be good to see the slide show and more references (she mentions there not being evidence for things but would like to hear more what the evidence does say).

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Margaret Rich
18 Mar 2019

Good information, it would have been good to see the screen she was reading from and to better hear what the audience was saying.

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Ang Tian Cheng Sky
14 Mar 2019

All HCPs should be aware the need of PIVC

Portrait of Melinda Lister
Melinda Lister
09 Mar 2019

It would have been better to know the evidence / articles to reinforce the speaker’s recommendations. It would have been better to see the slides and not just the presenter.

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Leigh Angela Stewart
02 Mar 2019

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ELA Maniriho
27 Feb 2019


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Kathryn Miller
25 Feb 2019


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Nicole Frost
25 Feb 2019

I found this resource to be very informative and relevant.

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Julia Wagner
23 Feb 2019

The presenter was engaging and the material presented was relevant to the topic being discussed.