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Why is it that some people can remember exactly what was said in a conversation from a year ago? Find out why some people can remember better than others, and learn simple ways to help you remember more things. This fun lecture is not to be missed by any health professional undertaking further learning. (Watch Part Two:

Recorded: 13 Dec 2017


Very engaging and informative presentation -- 30 May 2018
Engaging and passionate educator helped to put the teaching into practical understanding -- 29 May 2018
Great learning tool! Understanding how memory works and easy to understand ways to promote it. Fun and entertaining. Fun and engaging, a 'must' to help anyone learn, retain and apply. -- 26 May 2018 -- 26 May 2018
Great learning tool! Understanding how memory works and easy to understand ways to promote it. Fun and entertaining. Fun and engaging, a 'must' to help anyone learn, retain and apply. -- 26 May 2018
Excellent engaging -- 23 May 2018
very interesting and well presented -- 23 May 2018
Really enjoyed this lecture. Every nurse should listen to this lecture. Thanks again!! -- 22 May 2018
Funny and interesting -- 04 May 2018
A very well presented and interesting presentation -- 04 May 2018
Very engaging -- 30 Apr 2018
The presenter was very engaging and made the learning fun and interactive. -- 28 Apr 2018
Very informative and interesting ! -- 27 Apr 2018
I found this lecture interesting and beneficial for both my personal knowledge and professional clinical assessment and communication skills. -- 21 Apr 2018
Great -- 16 Apr 2018
Excellent work engaging staff. Well done. -- 14 Apr 2018
Very informative and easy to understand -- 06 Apr 2018
very resourceful. -- 06 Apr 2018
GOod -- 04 Apr 2018
Really engaging -- 22 Mar 2018
very good presentation -- 18 Mar 2018
This lecture extremely interesting and fun-good way to learn. -- 14 Mar 2018
Very interesting and thought provoking.I now have a clearer understanding and gained knowledge which I will be able to use in my workplace. -- 13 Mar 2018
Excellent lecturer. New and interesting knowledge was gained. Great to have a bit of fun while learning. -- 11 Mar 2018
Very informative and entertaining presentation -- 08 Mar 2018
It is a well presented presentation with lots of tools to help with retaining information. -- 06 Mar 2018
I loved this presentation. Made me want to learn more -- 06 Mar 2018
This is one of the best Ausmed presentations so far! Engaging and educational. Thanks Jared Cooney Horvath! I plan to find more of your educational material. -- 06 Mar 2018
This was very engaging and useful for any one wanting to train themselves or others. -- 05 Mar 2018
This video was entertaining and informative. -- 04 Mar 2018
An extremely useful presentation from an amazingly engaging presenter. -- 04 Mar 2018
Fascinating topic and so well presented. Gained so much from this presentation -- 04 Mar 2018
Amazing information that was new and relevant to every one. -- 03 Mar 2018
I can actually remember this learning. Enjoyed the presentation and the subject. A topic every one should be introduced to. Very valuable. -- 03 Mar 2018
Excellent, fascinating presenter and presentation. -- 02 Mar 2018
Very interesting -- 01 Mar 2018
very informative!! -- 28 Feb 2018
Very insightful! -- 27 Feb 2018
An excellent subject with a very engaging presenter, very valuable. -- 26 Feb 2018
very informative and relevant -- 24 Feb 2018
Excellent. -- 24 Feb 2018
Great -- 21 Feb 2018
Memory requires training to memorize things -- 20 Feb 2018
How my memory work is a fifficult -- 20 Feb 2018
Enaging, interesting and well worth the time to listen to -- 20 Feb 2018
Interesting topic. -- 19 Feb 2018
The educator was engaging -- 19 Feb 2018
Good engaging and fun which helps keep the learning interesting and keep the group interested -- 18 Feb 2018
It was engaging entertaining lecture by a very committed bright young man. We could do with more encouraging leaders in education like Jared. Well worth the lecture time -- 18 Feb 2018
Well presented and gave information for thought -- 18 Feb 2018
Very enlightening presentation. -- 17 Feb 2018
Interesting topic -- 16 Feb 2018
Hi all, thank you for your feedback regarding the slides in this lecture. We have now amended this presentation to include the slides for a better learning experience. We hope you enjoy this highly engaging and interactive presentation by Dr Jared Cooney-Horvath! ~ Hilary, Ausmed -- 15 Feb 2018
This was a wonderful lecture and the educator was informative and entertaining -- 15 Feb 2018
I found the topic very educational . The lecturer was very interesting to listen too and very knowledgeable. -- 13 Feb 2018
Great lecture -- 13 Feb 2018
Interesting lecturer but felt I needed to participate in the lessons he was teaching. -- 13 Feb 2018
enjoyed the lecture would have liked to have been able to participate -- 13 Feb 2018
Would have felt more engaged if I could have seen the slides -- 11 Feb 2018
would have been better with the slides he was showing -- 09 Feb 2018
I would like to have been able to participate in the exercises more fully. Leturers movements were distracting combined with his raid speaking pattern. -- 09 Feb 2018
Interesting, but would have liked to have been able to participate in the games, and to be able to see the presentation screen not just the presenter. -- 07 Feb 2018
Very interesting lecture and delivered in a fun and engaging way! -- 05 Feb 2018
Mind blowing and well explained.This lecture was so entertaining and engaging. Presenter is having good ability to make us understandable at every angle .The hints or examples are the bonus points of this lecture . -- 04 Feb 2018
Engaging and knowlegable -- 02 Feb 2018