Holistic Assessment of Pain in a Traumatised Older Person

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Lecture Overview

Assessing an older person who is experiencing pain as a result of trauma can be challenging. However, without that critical holistic assessment it is not possible to effectively help to the manage pain. This session will look at assessment tools for determining acute pain and chronic pain in a variety of situations.


Portrait of Dale Long
Dale Long

Dale Long is a Registered Nurse who has worked in various cancer care, palliative care, and pain management roles in inpatient and domiciliary settings for the past 25 years in both Victoria and Queensland. She is an experienced presenter with a strong commitment to educating nurses to improve the quality of pain management delivered to patients. Dale is a member of the Australian Pain Society. See Educator Profile

CPD41m of CPD
First Published21 December 2017
Updated21 December 2017
06 December 2020
Pain Management
Clinical Assessment
Aged Care
Learning Tools