Dale Long
06 December 2017

Holistic Assessment of Pain in a Traumatised Older Person

Assessing an older person who is experiencing pain as a result of trauma can be challenging. However, without that critical holistic assessment it is not possible to effectively help to the manage pain. This session will look at assessment tools for determining acute pain and chronic pain in a variety of situations.


Dale Long


Dale Long is a Registered Nurse who has worked in various cancer care, palliative care, and pain management roles in inpatient and domiciliary settings for the past 25 years in both Victoria and Queensland. She is an experienced presenter with a strong commitment to educating nurses to improve the quality of pain management delivered to patients. Dale is a member of the Australian Pain Society.


annabel jane rogers30 May 2018
very useful. I can apply what I learnt in the aged care facility where I work.

Stephen Dunk30 May 2018
an interesting area

Alison Ford22 May 2018
Excellent presentation, great to refresh.

Edmond Thaw20 May 2018
Excellent presentation very relevant.

Soumya bhaskara07 May 2018
Very informative highly recommended.

Dorothy Bardoutsos04 May 2018
Excellent lecture

Jenna He01 May 2018
Thank you for your input! I feel so empowered by having your presentation. :)

Jennifer Margaret Polglase27 Apr 2018
A very imformative educator. She covered all aspects of this subject very well.

Lisa Lising Reyes19 Apr 2018
Excellent refresher

Donnelle Perry18 Apr 2018
This resource is one to remind us to not jump to or make assumptions and to ensure we use adequate and tools to encapsulate a higher standard of care for the individual client. We must also remember that good communication needs to be determined by the patients knowledge and understNDING OF WHAT IS HAPPENING FOR THEM.

Soumyamol Binesh04 Apr 2018

Lesley Lepp30 Mar 2018
Excellent ideas for using different tools for the same individual in order to provide the best care for pain effected people

Michele Selby25 Mar 2018
Interesting and informative.

Lauren Marriott20 Mar 2018
Important lecture for anyone involved in assessing pain, especially in the cognitively impaired pt.

Hayley Mackay20 Mar 2018
Great info

Nicholas Stewart Cleave07 Mar 2018

Dave James01 Mar 2018
Very informative, practical video.

Robyn Lawry22 Feb 2018

Lyndsay Sutherland20 Feb 2018
Excellent. Really challenged the way I evaluate pain in the elderly and my preconceived ideas of what constitutes pain. Amazing educator.

Renu Renu06 Feb 2018
very informative and enthusiastic session it was. Elderly patients pain can be assessable by making them understandable that we are able to feel the same and cure from them as much as possible.

Laura Ch'ng31 Jan 2018
Good presentation. Presented clearly and precise

Wendy Somers28 Jan 2018
Very informative lecture. Well presented and interesting.

Riza Magnaye25 Jan 2018
New knowledge gained

Judith Baxter24 Jan 2018
Very important for nurses working in General wards. We are seeing many more elderly people having falls at home and it is so important to ensure they receive adequate analgesia. They also have shocking bruises and lacerations which compound the pain.

Trang Doan Thi Vo17 Jan 2018

Kelly Whiffen16 Jan 2018
Informative CPD on pain management. Great strategies to improve information gathering

Vera Krenn04 Jan 2018
Vital to any one working in palliative care or gerontology

Theresa Diane Johnson02 Jan 2018

Mariamma George01 Jan 2018
Very detailed description and easy to understand.

Jan Patrick Gaudiel31 Dec 2017
Very informative and practical. Most learnings can really be applied in a real clinical settings.

Manpreet Kaur30 Dec 2017
Very helpful in assessment of pain and giving appropriate care to elderly people Which improves the quality of life of elderly people.

Silvana Leiss29 Dec 2017
I found the lecture very interesting and dinamic. I recommend it to everyone, specially those working with the elders.

Sue petitt24 Dec 2017
Very informative speaker who was well experienced in this area and we are very lucky that we have this resource so that we us nurses can be better equip in acknowledging the importance of doing regular pain score and giving the appropriately analgesia effectively thank you for sharing your expertise

Norest Mashonganyika24 Dec 2017
well presented

Sue petitt24 Dec 2017
Very good pain is such a unique experience that is poorly done especially when you go to work and look at the obs sheet and find that the pain score has not been accessed at all it is so important that we ask the patient on a regular basis what there pain score and acknowledge the patient who are cognitively impaired and also NESB

Norest Mashonganyika22 Dec 2017
The information was presented in a professional manner.

Jessica Fullerton22 Dec 2017
really worthwhile viewing for the acute nurse looking after elderly patients in a palliative, medical or post op setting

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