What do post-graduate students running a ward in a hopsital have to do with the electrical conduction pathway of the heart? Join Joanne Reading for this entertaining discussion on the anatomy and physiology of the organ close to all of our chests. A back-to-basics refresher for all healthcare professionals.



Excellent job .made easy to understand -- 22 Mar 2018
very clear and good presentation -- 16 Mar 2018
Enjoyable lecture, with interesting analogies -- 16 Mar 2018
Succinct basic anatomy linking electrical change bringing about a mechanical response. This makes it easier to separate normal physiology from pathophysiology. Excellent presentation. -- 16 Mar 2018
Excellent talk. -- 15 Mar 2018
so great to get a recap of the basics.Fantastic lecture. -- 15 Mar 2018
I appreciate this innovative way to address the anatomy and physiology of the heart. I have empowered to care for patients in critical care settings. -- 13 Mar 2018
Lecturer was engaging and explained topics very well -- 12 Mar 2018
Good resource. easy to understand. -- 11 Mar 2018
Excellent! -- 11 Mar 2018
Loved the analogy. Very informative. I would like to see an educator place diagrams together on the board. The diagram of the heart conduction alongside an ECG. -- 10 Mar 2018
Really engaging way of presenting this complex system -- 08 Mar 2018
Easy to follow and a good refresher of the topic. -- 08 Mar 2018
The educator presented this subject in a way that was very easy to understand and held my attention from start to finish. -- 08 Mar 2018
Educator was excellent. -- 07 Mar 2018
This was fabulous, using the ward staff as anology for the working of the heart made it really easy to understand. -- 06 Mar 2018