Joanne Reading

The Heart

What do post-graduate students running a ward in a hopsital have to do with the electrical conduction pathway of the heart? Join Joanne Reading for this entertaining discussion on the anatomy and physiology of the organ close to all of our chests. A back-to-basics refresher for all healthcare professionals.


Joanne Reading


Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!


Lynn Broderick29 Aug 2018
An excellent review of Cardiac A & P.

Philip McAuley 07 Jun 2018
When the educator was talking, it would have been useful to have more diagrams on screen. Also, was quite hard to see the white board. Otherwise, great. thanks.

Patricia Hurst31 May 2018
Very complex & specific knowledge for certain areas of nursing

XIAO YANG31 May 2018
good presentation

Josie Wilson30 May 2018
Easy to understand lecture

Wilma Barnes29 May 2018
Great session

Bec Ozols29 May 2018
Great presentation, easy to understand delivery. I really enjoy learning from this presenter

Mark James28 May 2018

Sukhvinder Singh Birdi27 May 2018
great presentation.

Grace Lenore-Marie Ford21 May 2018

Charmain Hatch20 May 2018
Great lecture simplifying A & P of the heart

Mary Rothery18 May 2018
A very clear and easy to follow presentation. I found it very helpful

Harsimrat Kaur18 May 2018
Great lecture,very well explained and presented.

Frances Browne18 May 2018
very interesting and well presented.

Kim cook10 May 2018
Very informative and engaging good for a base to build on.

Kimberley Kozumplik08 May 2018

Sarah Ashby08 May 2018
Fabulous job at presenting and making it interesting. Thank you :)

Sadia ibrahim07 May 2018
Loved it.

Jodie Lloyd06 May 2018
Great refresher on A & P of the heart. Joanne was engaging and used great analogies for ease of retaining the information.

Dorothy Bardoutsos04 May 2018

Jessica Clissold04 May 2018
Great refresher and easy to understand

Mark canning04 May 2018

Bryce Medlen01 May 2018
Very informative and engaging

Susan Dwyer01 May 2018
Wow excellent presentation with learning made interesting and easy to remember

Cathleen Carey29 Apr 2018
Great presentation and easy to understand

jennifer Brown26 Apr 2018
Joanne Reading has a great knowledge base and I thoroughly enjoy her lectures. This one was no exception. Easy to understand concepts tend to stick with you and help you to make a change and improve your practice.

Sarah Ball25 Apr 2018
Very informative and a great refresher.

Love the lecture but agree with Jayne andrea Postill using the post-grads as an example - you were a oost- grad once :(

Janet Shanahan23 Apr 2018
Educator was great in how she explained the heart electrical system and heart function. I understand much better now.

Carly Harris23 Apr 2018
Good knowledge Well presented Easy to understand

Lynda Rowe22 Apr 2018
Really informative

Mary Frances Moloney22 Apr 2018

Muna Rai21 Apr 2018
Very informative

Ingrid Limkilde Sawyer17 Apr 2018
Great presentation. Easy to follow. Thank you!

Evelyn tate16 Apr 2018
Every informative .

Hannah Pry14 Apr 2018
Veey engaging lecturer. Built up exisiting knowledge and made me think of concepts i have never thought about before of the heart.

Hannah Evans13 Apr 2018
Fantastic lecture. It was great to bring it back to basics and have the heart explained with visual context.

Rebecca Moss13 Apr 2018

Janelle McIntosh12 Apr 2018
Fantastic presentation

Oliver Fittock12 Apr 2018

Maree Findlay12 Apr 2018
Excellent !!!

Samjhana Khadka09 Apr 2018
Well constructed and cover every aspects of hearts function , Thoroughly enjoy

Soumyamol Binesh04 Apr 2018

Marie Jackson03 Apr 2018
I found the lecture very informative

Donna Brown03 Apr 2018

Edith Nkwenty30 Mar 2018
Again another excellent presentation and review of the anatomy and physiology of the heart

Melissa kendon28 Mar 2018
This was very informative, also a good educator.

Edwina Harleyson28 Mar 2018
The lecturer was very clear and her knowledge on the topic was good.

Cheryl Carpenter28 Mar 2018
Just loved the examples used by the lecturer, it made it so easy to understand

Cheryl Carpenter28 Mar 2018
Joanne had great examples for this lecture, really liked her examples of the Num, Anum in understanding the Sv Av node when not working

Jayne andrea Postill27 Mar 2018
I enjoyed the education, but don't use post grads as an excuse for little or no knowledge.

Rebecca Aspden27 Mar 2018
Once again very engaging.

Julie Frances Davis26 Mar 2018
I liked the real world metaphors used to explain fairly complex concepts

Julie Withers25 Mar 2018
Great easy to follow lecture.

Julie Doidge24 Mar 2018
Easy to understand

Adam Whitemore23 Mar 2018
well presented, a good recap

Wadzana Nollie HWATA22 Mar 2018
Excellent job .made easy to understand

Lei Zhang16 Mar 2018
very clear and good presentation

Lauren Marriott16 Mar 2018
Enjoyable lecture, with interesting analogies

Neil Mcintyre16 Mar 2018
Succinct basic anatomy linking electrical change bringing about a mechanical response. This makes it easier to separate normal physiology from pathophysiology. Excellent presentation.

Michelle rolleston15 Mar 2018
Excellent talk.

Michelle rolleston15 Mar 2018
so great to get a recap of the basics.Fantastic lecture.

Jenna He13 Mar 2018
I appreciate this innovative way to address the anatomy and physiology of the heart. I have empowered to care for patients in critical care settings.

Jan Kennedy12 Mar 2018
Lecturer was engaging and explained topics very well

Joachim FERRER11 Mar 2018
Good resource. easy to understand.

Assumpta Walker11 Mar 2018

Margaret Parish10 Mar 2018
Loved the analogy. Very informative. I would like to see an educator place diagrams together on the board. The diagram of the heart conduction alongside an ECG.

Jacqui Neilson08 Mar 2018
Really engaging way of presenting this complex system

Rhonda Briggs08 Mar 2018
Easy to follow and a good refresher of the topic.

Jennifer Margaret Polglase08 Mar 2018
The educator presented this subject in a way that was very easy to understand and held my attention from start to finish.

Denise Whittaker07 Mar 2018
Educator was excellent.

Jacqueline Nicole van Driel06 Mar 2018
This was fabulous, using the ward staff as anology for the working of the heart made it really easy to understand.

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