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In this lecture, Diana Clayton explains the increased risks of falling in the home that older people face and provides simple strategies to help reduce falls, ensuring your client's safety while living independently.


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Diana Clayton is a clinical nurse consultant who works for Peninsula Health in the falls prevention service. She initially set up the inpatient falls prevention program and currently oversees the program in the subacute and residential care settings. She has been in her current role for 13 years and has presented at a number of conferences over that time. She is a passionate advocate for falls prevention across the whole health spectrum.


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Chris Gaddes
17 Sep 2019

This arena is important as a rural Paramedic who can be often first point of contact for home based clients susceptible to falls, taking the few extra minutes to assess/discuss environmental risks and falls prevention strategies have the ability to keep clients in their familiar surroundings for longer.

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Dianne Chand
13 Sep 2019

The information for this was very good. In the first half of the video you could not hear the audiences questions. When a question did pop up on the screen, the sentence was in poor grammar .

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Kristine Jambor
10 Sep 2019

Informative talk, practical information given.

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Lynette Felix
08 Sep 2019

Clear , simple and well informed presentation for nurses and other health professionals.

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Gary Macreadie
06 Sep 2019

Good information for paramedics, nurses and other allied health proffessionals

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Gary Macreadie
06 Sep 2019

Applicable to both paramedic practice as well as for community workers, OT's and nurses. Good information on recognising risks as well as the effects of cognitive impairment and its relationship to the increased risk of fall