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Lecture Overview

Asthma flare-ups, regardless of their severity, can be terrifying. When they occur it is vital that we as healthcare professionals are up-to-date and can respond with the appropriate action. This session will bring you up to speed on asthma treatments and improve your confidence in recognising and responding to an emergency asthma situations.


Portrait of John Serginson
John Serginson

John Serginson has been a nurse practitioner: respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his nurse practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital. He is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 29 years’ experience as a nurse (16 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy and COPD models of care. See Educator Profile


88 Total Rating(s)
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bronwyn ann beecroft
22 Dec 2019

Engaging, dynamic.

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Ronald John Roberts
18 Oct 2019

This was a very informative lecture and the way it was delivered was excellent

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Julie Booth
13 Sep 2019

Informative and engaging

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Christine Penfold
19 Aug 2019

Excellent speaker and easily understood.

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Claire Louise Jackson Jackson
17 Jul 2019

Informative and engaging lecture.

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Julie Chacko
14 Jul 2019

Over all excellent explanation

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louise ann mackie
09 Jul 2019

good resource

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Ze Liu
26 Jun 2019

change of consciousness is a sign of exhaustion and build up of CO2. wake up once in two months by asthma need to have preventer. more than 2 puffers in a week need to look at the treatment plan due to poor control. if CO2 is normal, around 30, 40, still worrying sign, on the way to 60. life threatening, cant complete sentence, O2 below 90, coc, cyanosis spacer in very important during emergency,3 to 4 times every 4 min ventolin---atrovent---steroid relieve signs: talking, walking, lie for 10m min, them no problem with breathing

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Lap Howitt
26 Jun 2019

I thought this is up to date info and skill. Enjoyed it.

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justine grace sanchez brabante
04 Jun 2019

amazing material.