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Why is it that, more often than not, nurses are not recognised for what they do? Join Sean Smith for this heartwarming discussion about ways we can give credit where credit is due, to those above, below, and alongside us. These simple tips will help you find greater satisfaction in your work.

Recorded: 22 Feb 2018


will defiantly watch again -- 27 May 2018
LOVE THIS! This lecture is a must for managers, educators, and mentors in the healthcare setting. Authentic praise, giving credit where credit is due is the foundation for keeping our nurses interested and passionate about their roles that have a positive flow-on effect for the person, unit, facility and ultimately the patient. Negative comments that belittle and undermine a persons confidence and ability in the workplace is a recipe for disaster for all concerned. -- 21 May 2018
Motivating -- 20 May 2018
. -- 09 May 2018
Motivating. -- 30 Apr 2018
The educator was engaging and kept all parties motivated. -- 25 Apr 2018
Great positive suggestions to improve affirmation in the workplace in a variety of ways in the hope of a more positive and healthy environment. -- 22 Apr 2018
Interesting to listen to. -- 10 Apr 2018
Extremely important and informative discussion on an area often overlooked -- 19 Mar 2018
very inspirational...well worth the listen -- 08 Mar 2018
One of the best management presentations I have heard and well overdue in this area.I have been trying to pass this message on for many years. Unfortunately, it is difficult to change some staff. Only a small number of staff can have a huge impact on the workplace. Would be good to have a follow-up lecture to manage acute political and cultural issues that prevent the workplace from becoming a good enviroment. also dealing with difficult managers. -- 08 Mar 2018