Time to slow down... and enjoy the next informative presentation from Joanne Reading in her ECG series as she explores the topic of bradyarrhythmias at a leisurely pace. Between sinus bradycardia, junctional rhythms, and heart blocks, there is much to cover in this area. Refresh your knowledge on these arrhythmias and how to manage each different type.

Recorded: 19 Feb 2018


great explanation, very informative. -- 24 May 2018
Great informative video. -- 23 May 2018
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Excellent presentation. -- 23 May 2018
Good video. -- 23 May 2018
Excellent topic which reinforced the knowledge that i already have. Well presented and easy to follow. -- 23 May 2018
Excellent topic. Well presented easy to follow. Great update. -- 23 May 2018
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