Recognising a Clot - Nursing Signs and Symptoms

33m of CPD
Joanne Reading
12 November 2017

Blood clots are a serious, potentially life-threatening clinical condition that must be immediately recognised and assessed if patient outcomes are to be satisfactory. Although there is a widespread awareness of the risk that blood clots may develop, this may not translate to being familiar with their exact signs and symptoms. This session will go back to basics to help you understand how to perform a detailed assessment for DVT and PE so that you can immediately recognise if should they develop.


Joanne Reading


Joanne Reading is a clinical educator within the 42 bed ICU at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, which also services critically ill patients from the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and the Royal Women’s Hospital. Joanne holds a critical care graduate certificate and a master of health science with a focus on education. She is also the author of her own nursing education website called “Blogging for your Noggin”. With a special interest in all things cardiac and respiratory. Joanne is passionate about ensuring that education not only fosters critical thinking but is entertaining in the process!


Wendy Boehringer11 Sep 2018
She's an excellent communicator

Katherine Louise Koenig02 Jun 2018
well presented relevant info

Wilma Barnes29 May 2018
Great session

Hellene Heron27 May 2018

Michelle Cashman21 May 2018
Good review of knowledge plus I learnt some wonderful new skills to help in recognizing the need for urgent care/ management

Mary Rothery20 May 2018
An excellent lecture which clarifies sins and symptoms of bothDVT’s and PE’s, runs through the different possible investigations for diagnosis and also the management of these conditions

Jocelyn Mellors16 May 2018
The educator is engaging .

Jenny Mattes16 May 2018
Fantastic presentation

Joan Lorraine Bull11 May 2018
Excellent lecture but would have liked to have seen all the slides that she pointed out to the class.

Julie Doidge04 May 2018

Susan Mitchell01 May 2018
Very informative

Fleur Harlock30 Apr 2018

Janelle McIntosh30 Apr 2018
Great video

Cathleen Carey29 Apr 2018
A great refresher...

Devika Nandanimala26 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation

Stewart morris26 Apr 2018

Paola Janine Elizabette Maagad Arandil24 Apr 2018

Kerry Todero24 Apr 2018
Very informative.

Marie-Therese Shields23 Apr 2018
Excellent information

Edmond Thaw22 Apr 2018
Well presented

Zhimin Zhang22 Apr 2018
It is recommended for nurses, especially new comers, which helps recognise the symptoms and signs of blood clotting and therefore save time to prevent deterioration and complication.

Nicole Ferreira22 Apr 2018
Very informative and great knowledge learnt

Janet Rasmus17 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation

Deanne Gradon16 Apr 2018
Well presented.

cheuk yi fung15 Apr 2018

Simon Elmaleh14 Apr 2018
very informative activity

Wendy Nicol13 Apr 2018
Well presented session. Would like to be able to see the screen when Joanne talked about different things and refered to the screen.

Christine E Fletcher09 Apr 2018
Well presented

Cheryl Algie09 Apr 2018
This session was great !

Susan Dwyer07 Apr 2018
I find this presenter is easy to understand and enjoy her lectures

Karen George07 Apr 2018
Different to what I expected. It would have been helpful to see more of the screen when points were discussed.

Cherie Martin06 Apr 2018
So clearly explained and enjoyable to learn from. Noted that the screens used were not displayed fully to see the complete area pointed to or high lighted .

Danielle Potter06 Apr 2018

Edwina Harleyson05 Apr 2018

polmar dayal04 Apr 2018
Topics covered was relevant but when explaining with X-ray was not very clear for online viewers. Display Visual changes in ECG would be more helpful. Overall was good

Karen Saunders04 Apr 2018
information was well presented in a concise manner.

Bianca Bennelli04 Apr 2018
Alot of valid information

Soumyamol Binesh04 Apr 2018

Aloma Anderson03 Apr 2018
easy to understand very informative

Theresa Diane Johnson03 Apr 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed

Cheryl Tapsell03 Apr 2018
Very informative excellent presentation

Jyotsna Pradhan03 Apr 2018
Very informative

Cathy Cain03 Apr 2018
Excellent education presentation. So much so that I will be checking out Joanne's website "Blogging for your Noggin". As an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse myself I am passionate about education. I have commenced a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to enable me to educate Assistant Nurses.

Jenna He31 Mar 2018
It is just the perfect timing to have this presentation to support my current practice. Thank you!

Deborah Truskett31 Mar 2018
The educator had a sound knowledge base

Kriebel felicja30 Mar 2018
Thank you very good lecture.

Ellen McLean29 Mar 2018
This educator is so clear and puts sometimes complex information in a basic way to make it easy to understand and remember. I couldn't listen to her all day !

Marie-Louise Oegema29 Mar 2018
Love this lecturer

Wadzana Nollie HWATA26 Mar 2018
Good presentation and very informative

Lei Zhang26 Mar 2018
very good presetation

Steven Walker24 Mar 2018
Very informative

Eurah Apor21 Mar 2018
Very informative. However, it would be great if we could see all the slides during the presentation.

Moira Munro13 Mar 2018
Excellent presentation

Vanessa Rudman12 Mar 2018
Great education and lovely and knowledgeable lecturer who made it interesting.

Emily Shrapnel06 Mar 2018
Great information with good delivery. The inability to see all the powerpoint slides and what she was pointing to inhibited my learning slightly.

mary susan delos reyes06 Mar 2018
Precise and well presented

Juliet Melano01 Mar 2018

Jacqueline Curran01 Mar 2018
I felt the educator was knowledgeable and engaged the audience

Jeanie Kay Buchanan26 Feb 2018
Very interesting and helpful for recognizing symptoms of DVT.

Rhonda Graham25 Feb 2018
Very helpful information

DANXIAO PAN25 Feb 2018

Maureen Huggins23 Feb 2018
Informative and easy to listen to

Gillian Hoskins18 Feb 2018
A great and informative lecture made easy for me to understand. It is a current issue with a family member. I feel more confident in dealing with post operative treatment and have a better understanding of the tests

Renu Renu07 Feb 2018
Vey informative and enthusiastic session it was.

Sarah Niven06 Feb 2018
Engaging and informative lecture that's relevant to both nurses and midwives.

Caroline Jenkins02 Feb 2018
very informative and helped me understand the underlying causes of clots and prevention in patients at risk.

Amanda Jane Schmidt02 Feb 2018
Very engaging and informative. Gifted presenter

Kathleen Howe29 Jan 2018
A great overview for investigations

Julieanne Gray29 Jan 2018
Great resource, very informative

Julieanne Gray29 Jan 2018
Excellent presentation, generally easy to follow.

Riza Magnaye25 Jan 2018
Gain more knowledge and understanding

Robyn Vanessa Procter24 Jan 2018
very interesting talk, her talk flows making it interesting and easy to follow.thanks

Annabelle Gottschald24 Jan 2018
Very professional and interesting

Bronwyn Hayes24 Jan 2018
Very easy to understand and very applicable to clinical practice

Peita emson23 Jan 2018

Vanessa Smith22 Jan 2018
Very informative and engaging

Angela Faulkner22 Jan 2018
Excellent lecture.

Stacey harney17 Jan 2018
Informative lecture. Would’ve been good to see the imaging.

Jenny ball17 Jan 2018
It was a good presentation with clear information.

Annabelle Gottschald16 Jan 2018
Well done

Louise Alison Barker14 Jan 2018
Good learning tool. I agree that the imaging could be visible on line to enhance this presentation

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