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Know someone who has asthma? It's likely you do. Asthma is one of the most common respiratory conditions, and in some cases, can be life-threatening. But just how across this condition are you? Join John Serginson for a refresher and update on asthma, it's pathophysiology, clinical signs and symptoms (including spirometry patterns), and what to do when you have a patient that seems surgically-attached to their puffer...


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John Serginson

John Serginson has been a Nurse Practitioner: respiratory care at the Caboolture Hospital since 2010. He completed his nurse practitioner master's degree at the University of Queensland (UQ) with clinical training at The Prince Charles Hospital. He is an adjunct lecturer in the UQ School of Nursing and Midwifery. With 29 years’ experience as a nurse (16 in respiratory care), his research interests include domiciliary oxygen, inhaled therapy, and COPD models of care.




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Angela phelan
15 May 2019

Very informative

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Caroline Robins
14 May 2019

Good informative talk on asthma.

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06 May 2019

Good information

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Zhimin Zhang
06 May 2019


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Clare McDonald
04 May 2019

As a Paeds RN I will be using Peak flows more routinely to help adolescents understand their Asthma, and be empowered in helping to control their symptoms at home.

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Rachiel Kagonda
01 May 2019

good and informative presentation

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Melanie Jamieson
22 Apr 2019

Always enjoy an informative asthma update. So relevant in the community, first aid and health care settings. Was great that the audience ask the same questions I wanted answers to as well. Great presenter, have watched most of John's Respiratory lectures/videos.

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jennifer hutchinson
22 Apr 2019

Useful information.

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22 Apr 2019


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Ze Liu
17 Apr 2019

Ventolin settles in 2- 4 mins. symptoms: cough, wheeze, SOB reliver is not the treatment for cause, only for symptom asthma won't tolerate betablocker, COPD can tolerate Someone struggles to breath, suddenly stop, is not good sign, the lung is not breathing, need to have tube down. Management Sit and reassure 4 puffs by spacer repeat after 4 mins call 000 if not relived Mild and moderate (can walk and speak whole sentences in one breath) 4 to 12 puffs of salbutamol Severe (Unable to speak in sentence, visibly breathless , sac 90 - 94) Life threatening (drowsy, collapsed, cyanotic, sac ^ 90) give 2+ 5mg neb sabutamol, start O2 if below 95%, transfer to high level care) If poor response add 160mcg ipratroium bromide 8 puffs or 500mcg sabutamol very 20 mins for first hour Signs look OK Talking Sac is OK a hour feel OK Advice Prednisolone Ventolin preventer GP review Warning sign Worsening SOB, HR No response to Ventolin cant lie flat talking in single word SPO falling PaCO2 normal or rising wheeze becomes quiet quickly sweating fatigue altered LOC