Stuart Fenton shares his powerful story of how he became a regular drug user and subsequent methamphetamine addict, and the long journey to abstinence and recovery. With the help and support of a 12 Step abstinence program, Stuart managed to make a full recovery and now counsels other addicts to help them on the same path. This moving presentation is not one to be missed for any health professional.

Recorded: 10 Dec 2017


It was very informative and the progresion of drug addiction was very clearly presented in the form of a personal experience. -- 12 Apr 2018
Excellent presentation. A big thumbs up for the courage and humbleness in sharing his personal experience in this very sensitive part of his past which I believe is a great source of encouragement for those affected. -- 11 Apr 2018
Excellent -- 04 Apr 2018
Eloquent and insightful, first hand experience. Marvellous. -- 03 Mar 2018
Very informative -- 02 Mar 2018
Remarkable story and what a recovery! -- 26 Feb 2018
Interesting to listen to -- 25 Feb 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals. It was a very inspiring story. -- 15 Feb 2018
Fantastic speaker who is able to articulate reasons behind why he started to take illicit substances and the support required to cease taking them and make something of his life. Offering first hand experiences always assists with more of an understanding and empathy. -- 24 Jan 2018
Excellent you listen to him and know there is hope thank you for sharing this takes courage very articulated speaker -- 09 Jan 2018
Very useful. I would certainly recommend this resource to other professionals. -- 02 Jan 2018
Great resource. Honest and compelling talk. -- 29 Dec 2017
This is an excellent demonstration of how recreational drug use can escalate to dependence and addiction based on stress factors and coping mechanisims. Stu has been very open and honest in this lecture and it is a great learning tool for anyone engaged in occasional drug use to think hard about their actions. -- 29 Dec 2017
The resource is material is well presented and articulated in a professional manner. -- 22 Dec 2017