Geoffrey Ahern
15 November 2017

The Art of Active Listening

Active listening is a core component of any communication with a patient, family member, colleague or friend. Like any other skill, active listening can be learnt. What makes active listening so powerful and fundamental to the coaching process? Find out in this engaging presentation by Geoff Ahern.


Geoffrey Ahern


Geoffrey Ahern is a senior mental health clinician and educator who splits his time between working with people in a mental health crisis in the ED setting and working proactively in educating other health professionals and the community about how to better understand mental health problems and also substance use and addiction. Over the years, he has gained extensive experience in emergency and trauma, rural nursing, alcohol and other drug counselling, and psychiatric nursing across both the public and private sectors. He holds a Masters of Health Science (Mental Health and Addiction). Geoff is particularly fascinated by the impact that exercise, nutrition, community, meaning and purpose and practices like yoga have on a person’s mental health as well as living a simple life of reflection, contentment and wonderment.


24 May 2018
very interesting
05 May 2018
Excellent Presentation
04 May 2018
This was a very interesting, well presented lecture
27 Apr 2018
Good presentation
26 Apr 2018
Fantastic.. easy to listen, lots of wisdom to and very very needed in my area of mental health Thank you.
26 Apr 2018
Very engaging presenter
12 Apr 2018
Another brilliant presentation by Geoffrey
29 Mar 2018
Very good conference recording
25 Mar 2018
I thought the educator presented this topic very well.
18 Mar 2018
Interesting, informative and enjoyable lecture. Presenter is very easy to listen to and engaging to his audience.
01 Mar 2018
Great resource.
01 Mar 2018
Excellent presenter- highly recommended!
01 Mar 2018
Wonderful speaker...could listen all day Geoff!
24 Dec 2017
well presented
21 Nov 2017

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