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Amongst all the internal politics, self-serving behaviours and paperwork that you might find yourself surrounded by at work, it's often easy to forget why you're nursing in the first place. This session with Sean Smith serves as a reminder to how having a patient-centred approach can help ground you and cut through all the distractions.


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Sean Smith

Sean Smith has had the privilege of working in health care for three decades in more than a dozen countries around the world. Commencing his clinical career as a registered nurse, Sean progressed into hospital management, before spending eight years as the CEO of a large healthcare provider. Sean has built two healthcare businesses and consulted to industry around health informatics, healthcare management, and healthcare strategy. Most recently Sean has managed the largest medical provider network in Australia and collaborates with more than 600 hospitals across the country to provide healthcare for 230,000 international students. Sean has experience with clinical and non-clinical systems planning, implementation, and deployment in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and the United Kingdom. With a passion for healthcare education, Sean has educated from university healthcare students in Australia to community health workers in Papua New Guinea. Sean provides clear, concise consultation through his experience in clinical management and information technology, to ensure projects are delivered with the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders, on budget and on time. His passions are strategy in health care, quality in clinical practice, and excellence in health management. Sean holds a master of business administration, a graduate diploma in advanced nursing, and is a member of the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Authority, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply. Sean continues to provide leadership and strategic direction for all stakeholders to deliver the highest possible standards to exceed current and future healthcare needs.




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Ze Liu
20 Apr 2019

how to enhance collaboration look in the mirror create a safe space to share information handle conflict with care belong to the right team communicate effectively be a leader

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Diane douglass
16 Apr 2019

i found this interesting in that it made so many points which i agreed with but do not always achieve in my work life i acknowledge the importance of being happy in your worklife as it helps to communicate better with colleagues about patients it helps in being able to ask for assistance and provides a better environment for patients and staff

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suji Thomas
16 Apr 2019

This online learning was very informative and interesting. As a nurse, I realized that there are many aspects that needed to be considered when I provide patient care for improved health care services.

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Emily Quirk
15 Apr 2019

Confirmed a general sense of guilt that we need to improve as clinicians but with no practical advice as to how to achieve this.

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Maureen Beverley Ann LAING
14 Apr 2019

Not the best quality educational video with basic information, but very interesting just the same.

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Rochelle Philip
09 Apr 2019

Poor recording. Basic overview of the topic but raised some good questions

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Marilyn Holt
08 Apr 2019

Very interesting a lot was re inforcing previous knowledge but in a more organised manner ,as well as some new information.

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Leah Maloney
05 Apr 2019

Very pleased to address elements that l am often not addressing to the best of my ability.

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Michelle Navares
05 Apr 2019