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Lecture Overview

Take a look at some striking case scenarios to better understand the pathophysiological mechanisms by which sepsis can develop and how you can notice the early warning signs of sepsis. Also in this session: how to calculate a SOFA score.


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Jesse Spurr

Jesse Spurr is an emergency and critical care nurse and educator. Outside his family, work and CrossFit, Jesse pours energy into his professional hobbies: healthcare simulation podcast Simulcast, and nursing practice development blog and podcast Injectable Orange. Jesse classes himself a lifelong student of teaching, learning, health, and human performance.




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Portrait of Alejandro Ruiz
Alejandro Ruiz
21 Apr 2019

Very good lecture.

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Keren Stokes
19 Apr 2019

Very informative and easy to follow presentation.

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Amy leisemann
18 Apr 2019

Good educational video. Good examples.

Portrait of Ngaire Mcclean
Ngaire Mcclean
16 Apr 2019

excellent resource

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Annette Kay Hutchins
16 Apr 2019

The assessor was knowledgeable and imparted that knowledge in an informative and easily understood manor.

Portrait of Carla Reeves
Carla Reeves
15 Apr 2019


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Renu Renu
15 Apr 2019

Good session

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Leonie Donaghue
14 Apr 2019

I enjoyed the lecture and its content, it was informative, with up to date information

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Rachel Delahenty
14 Apr 2019

Highly informative and easy to follow with the layman's language even thought I don't work in ED or ICU.

Generic portrait
14 Apr 2019

relevant and updated