Wound Cleansing and Debridement

This Course is designed for health professionals working in acute care, aged care, outpatient departments, General Practice and domiciliary settings who manage people requiring a wound dressing.

31 May 2016

Learning Outcomes


Describe the assessment components necessary prior to wound cleansing


Identify the techniques and solutions that can be used for wound cleansing and debridement and their clinical indications


Explain how to effectively cleanse and debride wounds



It is strongly recommended for the new learners to enhance their knowledge and skills. -- 21 Apr 2018
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Another great course -- 10 Apr 2018
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I really enjoyed this resource. It is an area that I am very interested in, already have extensive knowledge of and would like to pursue at some point. Very valuable information in this presentation. Thank you :) -- 09 Apr 2018
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great presentation. -- 31 Mar 2018
Well explained and easy to follow. Gave lots of good practical information. -- 30 Mar 2018
Happy to reinforce knowledge -- 27 Mar 2018
Hi all, Many thanks for your feedback regarding the demonstration and the break in aseptic technique. We have now amended the video so that the process is correct. ~ Hilary, Ausmed. -- 27 Mar 2018
lecture was very good and gained more confidence in looking after the wounds. -- 25 Mar 2018
Good resource -- 21 Mar 2018
direct and well explained. demonstarations where good. -- 21 Mar 2018
Clear presentation though Sue needs to watch using a gloved hand to move her hair out of way! -- 20 Mar 2018
Concise & to the point. A good update to current best practice wound cleansing & debridement techniques. -- 20 Mar 2018
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Evidence that Betadine is still a GREAT product to use on acute wounds -- 23 Feb 2018
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Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Wound aetiology
  • Tissue identification
  • Patient and wound-related factors that will impact on wound cleansing
  • Common solutions used for wound cleansing
  • Demonstration of techniques, products and equipment

Target audience

All health professionals working in a variety of health care settings who deal with wounds and wound care on a regular basis.


Enhance knowledge, skills and confidence with regards to effective wound cleansing and debridement.


Wound cleansing aims to remove excess exudate, dressing remnants and non-viable tissue from the wound to promote healing and reduce infection risk. The various types of debridement are forms of wound cleansing. Whilst health professionals are familiar with the ritual of wound cleansing, many may lack the skills and confidence to effectively cleanse wounds. Appropriate wound cleansing can remove the local barriers to healing and is an essential element in wound management. This seemingly basic and simple procedure can be quite complex and requires assessment and an understanding of the person and their wound. Whilst there is a focus on the products and solutions suitable for wound cleansing, there is a lack of practical guidance on how to actually cleanse wounds. Utilising the appropriate processes for wound cleansing will benefit patients and is as important as wound dressing product selection.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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