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Wound Assessment

This Course further explores the components of, and increases skills in, performing a systematic, standardised, accurate assessment of local wound characteristics.

09 Sep 2015

Learning Outcomes


Identify the characteristics that are included in a comprehensive wound assessment


Describe the various clinical presentations of each wound characteristic


State how to evaluate wound progress


Describe how to accurately measure wound dimensions



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good presenter -- 17 Apr 2018
A very useful material. -- 17 Apr 2018
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-- 12 Apr 2018
Great refresher. Great presentation -- 11 Apr 2018
Very valuable information in this presentation: The area of wound management, understanding the type of wounds, the appropriate dressings and their applications. Identifying wounds that have a good chance of healing and those who need maintenance for the patient's comfort. Excellent presentation, thank you. -- 10 Apr 2018
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Very informative especially on correct wound measurement techniques. -- 06 Apr 2018
The information is very good bu the presenter is very monotone and static which make the lesson not very engaging. -- 05 Apr 2018
very informative -- 03 Apr 2018
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Great module. Very thorough and succinct. -- 22 Feb 2018
Fantastic -- 20 Feb 2018
Very good course to advance understanding of assessment of the characteristics of a wound and the documentation needed in order to assess wound healing. Does not include any resources on how to heal wounds, purely assessment of the wound. -- 19 Feb 2018
Very well presented. -- 19 Feb 2018
Was presented with illistrations which made it very practical and helps with the visual learning. Well put together -- 19 Feb 2018
Very good refresher. -- 19 Feb 2018
Excellent presenter -- 19 Feb 2018
Great refresher. There are a number of assessment strategies that will come in handy on the ward. -- 19 Feb 2018
The use of photographs in supporting the information outlined was very helpful. The presenter was obviously knowledgeable in this field and I enjoyed her seminar - thank you, Sue! -- 15 Feb 2018
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I found this session very informative and I did pick up something new for Wound Care -- 14 Feb 2018
The information was clear, succinct, well explained with evidence from wound management Australia and clearly and well presented. An excellent presentation. -- 14 Feb 2018
Wound assessment is paramount in a high care section of an aged care facility. As a RN I'm required to update knowledge on wound assessment and treatment as well as in documentacion to manage wounds appropriately. As a RN my ultimate goal is to provide quality of care and maximise quality of life of my residents. -- 13 Feb 2018
This is very informative. -- 13 Feb 2018
The educator spoke clearly and slowly so I had time to absorb the information, the practical examples she gave were of great assistance. Showing on a model how to measure a wound made it so much easier to understand. -- 13 Feb 2018
very informative. -- 13 Feb 2018
I enjoyed this presentation and I have come away more knowledgeable on wound assessment -- 13 Feb 2018
I played the video and it always playing the introduction again and not going into the next step. Am I the only one with this issue -- 13 Feb 2018
The educator knew her topic of wound care & how to complete wound assessment -- 06 Feb 2018

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Characteristics of a comprehensive wound assessment
  • Standards for wound management
  • Measuring wound dimensions
  • Evaluating wound progress

Target audience

Health professionals in acute care, aged care, outpatient departments, General Practice and domiciliary settings who manage people with wounds.


Enhance knowledge and skills in regards to assessment of wounds. The focus is on undertaking a comprehensive and accurate assessment of local wound characteristics.


A comprehensive assessment of wound characteristics is a fundamental component of wound management. It includes wound dimensions, exudate quantity and quality, wound tissue type, odour, pain, wound edge and surrounding skin. A thorough, systematic wound assessment contributes to determining wound aetiology and severity, is the basis upon which treatments and wound dressings are determined, and allows progress to be measured. Whilst health professionals are required to assess and record wound characteristics, many have never received formal training regarding how to do this. Texts often list the components of a wound assessment, but frequently lack description regarding those components. This can lead to health professionals making varied and sometimes inaccurate assessments of wound characteristics. Using systematic, standardised wound assessment methods based on an informed, sound understanding of wound characteristics promotes reliability and confidence in wound assessment, leading to better decision making regarding wound management and ultimately improved outcomes for patients.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.