1h 15m
Karen-Ann Clarke
12 Jan 2016

Professional Wellbeing

This Course acknowledges the importance of professional wellbeing.


Describe the concept of work-life balance and how it is used to describe a state of health


List the signs and symptoms of professional burnout


Identify a personal plan to create and maintain professional wellbeing


Karen-Ann Clarke

Dr Karen-Ann Clarke is a Registered Nurse and a specialised mental health nurse, with 30 years’ experience of working with individuals and families impacted by the experiences of mental illness. Using a feminist narrative methodology, her PhD research explored the way in which women diagnosed with depression made decisions and meanings about receiving electroconvulsive therapy. As a lecturer in nursing at USC, Dr Clarke is responsible for the coordination of mental health curricula across multiple undergraduate and post-graduate programs. Teaching in excess of 900 undergraduate students each year, she is passionate about the value that immersive mental health simulation can bring to student’s learning and clinical skills, and the way that it can safely bring to life theoretical concepts related to mental health care. Dr Clarke currently supervises a number of honours, masters, and PhD students and is part of numerous research projects involving visualisation and simulation, mental illness, suicide prevention and the inclusion of people with lived experience of mental illness into the teaching and learning space.


Michelle brain08 Sep 2018
Very informative

Helen PARK24 Jul 2018
Without disclosing my name when printed.

Sarah McAllen18 Jun 2018
Excellent. Every RN should watch this!!!

Emma Kerr12 Jun 2018
I found the seminar quite draining. The focus on negative aspects nursing was intense and I felt needed to be balanced with a positive comments.

Megan Loveday31 May 2018
Loved the presenter. Really made me self reflect

karen nolan30 May 2018
extremely interesting information and practical advice

John Wright29 May 2018
This is such a crucial topic! I agree that nurses are often bad at caring for themselves and the practical and thoughtful advice in this course will be invaluable to many of us.

Mary Anne Mara29 May 2018
A good reflection to all Health Professionals to ensure our personal well being is looked after. It is an eye opener.

Naomi Johnston29 May 2018
Wonderful presentation.

Debra Ambrosini28 May 2018
Professional well being is so important so that we as nurses don't forget to look after ourselves.

Angela phelan28 May 2018
very informative

Camilla Maree Govan28 May 2018
I enjoyed this presentation on a topic which we all could gain further insight from

Hellene Heron27 May 2018
Gret tips in this talk/ education. Definately going to implement these on a daily basis

Jonathan Wood25 May 2018
Spelled out quite clearly steps to prevent burnout. Very helpful

Pam Patch25 May 2018
Thank you so much. Very informative and helpful for my education of new staff.

tracey lackmann24 May 2018
Excellent course as Nurses we can not care for others unless we take care of ourselves.

rosemary britt6224 May 2018
Very informative VLA

Harsimrat Kaur22 May 2018
This VLA is very educating for nurses and other health professionals on how to keep good professional wellbeing.

Efstathia Stanitsas19 May 2018
Great lecture.

Kerry Todero14 May 2018
Good advice and easy to follow.

Susan Macaulay12 May 2018
Great lecture very informative and useful.

Fiona McGeehan08 May 2018
This is a very useful resource. It provides an insight into nursing behaviours and the emerging ward culture.

Sharon Khan08 May 2018
The educator was engaging

Christine Hulands02 May 2018
Interesting and informative presentation. Highly recommend.

Ingrid Limkilde Sawyer29 Apr 2018
Absolutely excellent! Thank you :-)

Kayla Smith26 Apr 2018
very good

Amanpreet Kaur20 Apr 2018


Sarah Shorter11 Apr 2018
Great information and resources for self-maintenance.

XIAO YANG11 Apr 2018

Udo Hoffmann07 Apr 2018
Very educational and informative in teaching awareness of professional burnout

alisdair alisdair07 Apr 2018
Every new grad should watch this instead having the expectation of compensating.

Michele Selby06 Feb 2018

Jayne Marshall03 Feb 2018
Excellent, worthwhile watching as it reinforces what we as nurses deal with and how it affects us and what we can do about it ourselves ! Keep it achievable and sustaininable

Raewyn Elaine Turner31 Jan 2018
Having experienced burn-out myself, I found this talk to be informative and comforting. Symptoms such as tiredness and disengagement are common and not signs of something more sinister.

mary susan delos reyes30 Jan 2018
very informative and helpful for us nurses

Lisa Cornell26 Jan 2018
Excellent suggestions and presented well.

Ann Trebilcock23 Jan 2018
Very informative and useful. Some very interesting facts and figures.

Cath Rodwell03 Jan 2018
This is a very important resource to remind us to plan and focus on our work/life balance wellbeing

Jill Milne01 Jan 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals

Norest Mashonganyika24 Dec 2017
well presented material

Catherine Ryan19 Dec 2017
This was a well presented lecture, and relevant to all nurses.

Danielle Fletcher16 Dec 2017
Very thought provoking session. Encouraging nursing to care for themselves in order to be good nurses

Elizabeth Lynch13 Dec 2017
A very valuable reminder of the importance of self care and self awareness. Well delivered - great reminder of the cost of "As soon as..." and that "Our greatest tool is - Self".

Elizabeth Fallas12 Dec 2017
I really enjoyed the presentation, it was a great reinforcement of the importance of this subject.

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Work-Life balance
  • Professional burnout
  • Personal plan for professional wellbeing

Target audience

All healthcare professionals involved in providing health care, regardless of where that service is based.


Acknowledge the importance of professional wellbeing, which consists of elements of physical, mental, social and spiritual health. It is important to understand the impact that professional wellbeing can have on aspects of the care we provide to patients and our personal lives.


Being employed in a fulfilling job can have psychological benefits, flowing on to physical benefits of productive health. Conversely, under-employment and stressful working conditions can have adverse impacts on a person’s health. Professional burnout is becoming a very common phenomenon in today’s employment environments and needs to be addressed to protect both the patient and clinician.

Given that we engage in work practices and environments that have an impact upon our health and mental wellbeing, there is a need to understand the concept of work-life balance and professional wellbeing. Strategies to overcome some of these environmental, interpersonal and social challenges must be explored as work demands increase.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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