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1h 5m

Oral Health for Older People

Oral care is an essential part of nursing care that is sometimes overlooked. Use this Course to refresh your knowledge of why oral care is important and what best practice oral care for older adults involves.

12 Dec 2017

Learning Outcomes


Explain the importance of good oral care for older people


Identify common oral problems and their consequences for older people


Describe best practice with respect to oral care for older people



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This broadened do my know ledge of oral care -- 15 May 2018
In the technological advances made in our profession in recent years, some times some of the most basic of nursing care can be put on the back burner. We some times need to get back to basics to prevent some of the conditions we see in our practice. -- 14 May 2018
A very interesting lecture -- 14 May 2018
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I would recommend this education to other health professionals especially in the aged care setting. -- 25 Apr 2018
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I found this course good due to some new learnings and for my best practise. now aware of more risks associated around poor oral hygiene and hope i can make a difference -- 25 Apr 2018
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The content was good but lacked engagement, it seemed a bit dry and clinical. I enjoy learning more and tend to retain more when when what I'm learning about is delivered in a more visually engaging, lively, animated and fun way. -- 15 Apr 2018
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This increases my knowledge on how to give oral care to our elderly clients. -- 12 Apr 2018
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helpful lecture which makes you think of the overall health of our ptients -- 10 Apr 2018
An excellent resource. I understood the importance of good oral hygiene but less aware of the implications on health through lack of oral care and hygiene. I learned a lot - thank you! -- 07 Apr 2018
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This was an excellent overview of Oral Health and the importance of it in the older person -- 05 Apr 2018
Was interesting to reinforce the importance of continuing strong oral hygiene in the ageing populace -- 04 Apr 2018
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All nurses at all levels would value from the learnt information of this topic. More awareness of dangers of poor dental/denture care and the direct link to disease and poor health of the aged. -- 03 Mar 2018
very insiteful shows importance of very basic hygiene cares and how it can help prevent medical complications. -- 03 Mar 2018
I found this lecture very comprehensive, I like the fact that between each topic a small quiz was put in place to test knowledge -- 02 Mar 2018
Informative and practical guide to ensuring good oral hygiene in older patients. -- 01 Mar 2018
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Very factual and informative -- 26 Feb 2018
I will recommend this to education, even in "little bits" to other health care providers. It's like a "best kept secret", this information, on "How to" ... and of course.... should be "absolutely normal", but unfortunately not executed widely-enough. Thanks. -- 21 Feb 2018
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Educate nursing staff how to clean residents oral cavity -- 14 Feb 2018
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A very important practice to everyone whether you are young or old -- 09 Feb 2018
Strongly agree -- 09 Feb 2018

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Oral landmarks, anatomy and function
  • Oral disease in older adults
  • Maintaining best practice oral care for older adults

Target audience

Health professionals who care for older people in any setting.


Ensure health professionals maintain best practice oral care for older adults in all care settings and can identify traditional practice(s) that compromise oral health.


Good oral health in older people contributes to a sense of wellbeing; it facilitates better fluid and nutritional intake, assists with communication and has been shown to enhance quality of life. Despite this, the oral health of older people is an often-neglected part of nursing care. Oral care is sometimes considered less important than other nursing priorities and the quality of oral care being delivered usually depends on the health professional's knowledge of oral hygiene and willingness to attend to this fundamental basic care need. Health professionals are encouraged to integrate best practice oral care into their routine practice, however in order to do so, they may need to refresh their knowledge of oral hygiene and why it is fundamental to maintaining health and wellbeing.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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