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CPD1h 10m of CPD
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Published21 January 2018
Updated21 January 2018
Reviewed09 October 2018
Expiry Date23 January 2019

Course Overview

This Course explores evidence-based guidelines for pain management and includes information on acute, chronic and post-surgical pharmacological pain relief using a multidisciplinary approach.

Topics include:

  • Non-opioid analgesics
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Other therapies for pain management

Target audience

All health professionals, but especially those who may administer opioids and analgesics, as part of the management of acute, chronic and post-surgical pain.


The purpose of the Course is to provide a review of pharmacological options and their uses for effective relief of acute or chronic pain.


About 20% of Australians suffer chronic pain, and this will increase as the population ages. In up to 5% (or about one million people), the pain has a significant impact on function and quality of life. Australia’s multidisciplinary pain clinics cannot see this number of patients. Therefore, much of the load for managing people with chronic pain falls on general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists and nurses.

Optimal management involves both non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches that focus on preventing disease and stopping progression, as opposed to just targeting palliation of disease. There have been many adverse events (including drug interactions) reported with many analgesics, as well as underuse and overuse of analgesia, resulting in changes to guidelines.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the pharmacology of analgesics in order to facilitate safe and effective pain relief for patients
  • Apply current knowledge of non-opioid analgesics for the safe administration of these medicines
  • Choose an appropriate opioid analgesic based on your assessment to facilitate best practice pain management
  • Use knowledge about alternative therapies for pain management to guide patients in their pain management plan


The presenter and all members of the planning team have disclosed that they have no relevant financial commercial relationships to products or devices related to the content of this educational activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medication have been used. Courses include expert peer reviews of the content where applicable.

  • Video Recording Completed: 11/06/2015
  • Video Recording Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Course First Published: 16/11/2017
  • Course Reviewed: January 2018
  • Course Republished: 22/01/2018
  • Course Expiry Date: 22/01/2019
  • Corrections / changes made: 16/01/2018
    • Text added to reflect updates to available Buprenorphine strengths
    • Text added to reflect updated scheduling and prescribing for Codeine products as of 1 February 2018
    • Reference list updated

    This CPD/CNE activity will expire on 22/01/2019 after which CPD/CNE hours will not be valid.


Portrait of Jenny Gowan
Jenny Gowan

Jenny Gowan, a practising pharmacist, is a teaching associate at Monash University, Melbourne and a clinical associate of RMIT University. She is a member of the PSA Branch committee, the Expert Group for Therapeutic Guidelines – Respiratory version 5, an editorial board member of AUS-DI, SHPA "Don’t Rush to Crush", the Guidelines Committee for the Australian Asthma Handbook (AAH) and the writing group for the RACGP ‘Medical Care of older persons in RACF’ (Silver book). Jenny is an accredited consultant pharmacist who conducts her own company, which focuses on medication reviews in the home and aged care facilities, plus education, writing, training, and consultation. Jenny works regularly in community pharmacy plus sessions in a GP clinic at a Community Health Centre. She has published over 400 educational articles. Jenny has presented talks at many Australian and international conferences to GPs, nurse practitioners, nurses, podiatrists, pharmacists, and other health professionals. In 2013, she was awarded the Australian Pharmacist of the Year by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and, in 2016, the AACP-MIMs Australian Consultant Pharmacist of the Year.

CPD1h 10m of CPD
Total Rating(s)86
Published21 January 2018
Updated21 January 2018
Reviewed09 October 2018
Expiry Date23 January 2019
Topic Tags
Medication Safety
Pain Management
Chronic Illness
Palliative Care

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86 Total Rating(s)

Portrait of Lynne Arthur
Lynne Arthur
16 Jan 2019

Very imformative

Portrait of Demi Rigby-Weir
Demi Rigby-Weir
13 Dec 2018

Great information.

Generic portrait
Debbie Mitschuinig
28 Nov 2018

Excellent resource of medications, adjuvants, schedules and benefits.

Generic portrait
Jen McCarthy
28 Nov 2018

Very informative on all levels of Drug Administration, and I keep updating on these skills as very important in my scope of practice

Portrait of Thi Doan Nhi Nguyen
Thi Doan Nhi Nguyen
19 Nov 2018

Informative and easy to follow.

Generic portrait
Susan Sinclair
16 Nov 2018


Generic portrait
Beth Lusk
16 Nov 2018

Very insightful, thanks!

Generic portrait
Jillian Gotts
11 Nov 2018

Very interesting concise learning and reinforcement of pain control and drugs to do so. Captures the attention of audience well. I enjoy listening to this very clever lady speak so will be following her on my education trail.

Generic portrait
Joana Kusi
06 Nov 2018

Very informative

Generic portrait
Helen Sadler
31 Oct 2018

Excellent review, lots of information.