1h 10m

Opioids and Other Analgesics

This Course explores evidence-based guidelines for pain management and includes information on acute, chronic and post-surgical pharmacological pain relief using a multidisciplinary approach.

21 Jan 2018

Learning Outcomes


Demonstrate an understanding of the pharmacology of analgesics in order to facilitate safe and effective pain relief for patients


Apply current knowledge of non-opioid analgesics for the safe administration of these medicines


Choose an appropriate opioid analgesic based on your assessment to facilitate best practice pain management


Use knowledge about alternative therapies for pain management to guide patients in their pain management plan



very engaging -- 21 Apr 2018
Not engaging but informative -- 21 Apr 2018
An insightful lecture. I will definitely apply what I learned to everyday practice. -- 18 Apr 2018
points out some practical tips on decision making in choosing appropriate analgesics. -- 17 Apr 2018
Informative and well presented. -- 16 Apr 2018
Excellent lecture as always. -- 14 Apr 2018
Simple and informative presentations on pain management. -- 11 Apr 2018
great -- 10 Apr 2018
This learning experience was helpful as a foreign nurse to learn what the similarities and differences on names and classifications of medicines particularly related to pain management -- 09 Apr 2018
The educator was a little one toned in her delivery, not too much inflection in her speaking voice but she was very clear in getting content of lecture across, very interesting information -- 02 Apr 2018
Excellent and easy to understand this topic. It has helped me understand opioids better -- 26 Mar 2018
Good information for correctional nursing. -- 19 Mar 2018
great -- 13 Mar 2018
The educator really knows her medicines, it was a very informed presentation. -- 11 Mar 2018
The information was easy and clear to understand and effective in the breaking down of information delivery. -- 10 Mar 2018
Very good lecture -- 21 Feb 2018
Informative and easy to understand. A good refresher on opioid medications and their adjuvants -- 20 Feb 2018
I would highly recommend this lecture. The educator has a great understanding of subject and practice -- 20 Feb 2018
Fantastic -- 20 Feb 2018
Very resourceful in terms of understanding various types of Analgesia to manage chronic and acute pain -- 13 Feb 2018
I would recommend this education to other health professionals -- 13 Feb 2018
Great info -- 11 Feb 2018
Good education video. Very informative. Enjoyed the new set up of splitting the video up between quizzes. -- 10 Feb 2018
The educator was fantastic in her presentation. -- 07 Feb 2018
great review and resource -- 03 Feb 2018
The educator was very engaging and gave very clear explanation of types of analgesia to use in pain management. I -- 02 Feb 2018
very nicely presented -- 01 Feb 2018
very well presented highly recommended -- 30 Jan 2018
informative -- 29 Jan 2018
I found this session, educating in regards to how pain management drugs are used and the reason behind which one is best for the pt -- 28 Jan 2018
Enjoyable, informative session. Thank you -- 27 Jan 2018
Excellent. Thank you -- 25 Jan 2018
This course was really interesting, well presented in an understandable manner. -- 25 Jan 2018
Great learning activity. -- 24 Jan 2018
Very informative session. Helps to increase understanding of the pharmacology of analgesics in order to facilitate efficient pain relief for clients. -- 24 Jan 2018
Very current and highly spoken about topic -- 24 Jan 2018
A very informative and interesting resource. -- 23 Jan 2018
The education on Opioids and other analgesia was really resourceful in terms of understanding the various type of analgesia in practice to manage acute/chronic pain. I believe the education may come useful in future while identifying the side effect of analgesia such the use of tramadol with antidepressant may cause serotonin syndrome. After watching the video, I have gained the full understanding behind the reason of not crushing the schedule 8 controlled release tablets.. -- 05 Jan 2018
A good presentation that covers the basics of pain management and analgesic useage. -- 26 Nov 2017

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • Non-opioid analgesics
  • Opioid analgesics
  • Other therapies for pain management

Target audience

Health professionals who regularly administer medicines and care for those with pain.


Provide a review of pharmacological options and their uses for effective relief of acute or chronic pain.


About 20% of Australians suffer chronic pain, and this will increase as the population ages. In up to 5% (or about one million people), the pain has a significant impact on function and quality of life. Australia’s multidisciplinary pain clinics cannot see this number of patients. Therefore, much of the load for managing people with chronic pain falls on general practitioners (GPs), pharmacists and nurses.
Optimal management involves both non-pharmacological and pharmacological approaches that focus on preventing disease and stopping progression, as opposed to just targeting palliation of disease. There have been many adverse events (including drug interactions) reported with many analgesics, as well as underuse and overuse of analgesia, resulting in changes to guidelines.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.