Insulin Therapy for Type I and Type II Diabetes Mellitus

1h 10m of CPD
Michelle Robins
14 Nov 2017

This Course will provide an update on insulin therapy, and the vital role insulin plays in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Correlate administration of insulin with current best practice techniques


Differentiate between types of insulin in order to effectively individualise treatment for patients


Identify issues regarding the safe use of insulin to prevent adverse patient outcomes


Michelle Robins

Michelle is a credentialled diabetes educator with 23 years experience in many aspects of diabetes care and education. She is currently employed as a nurse practitioner by Northern Health. Her past employment, as a diabetes educator, has included major tertiary hospital settings – including St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne, Melbourne Division of General Practice, Melbourne Extended Care and Rehabilitation Service, and, in Queensland, Logan/Beaudesert Health Service. Michelle has served on more than 40 diabetes-related committees, written book chapters and is consistently highly evaluated in her teaching role.


Leanne Whyte13 Oct 2018
Great general overview

Jenna He04 Oct 2018
Very comprehensive and informative

Maree Smith02 Oct 2018
Very well presented topic. I found some of the links didnt connect for evidence. I wouldve liked to hear about best practice with insulin should bgls be below parameters. All m in all this was very helpful and i recommend it to anyone wanting to understand diabetes and jnsulin management

Mirriam Mzileni09 Sep 2018
Very well presented.

Gabriele Dummett22 Aug 2018
Very well presented

Beverly Salt19 Aug 2018
easy to follow. wet clear directives.Ndw knowledge undertaken to help my scope of pfatuse safely

Nicole Stuart19 Aug 2018
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Sara Castelijn07 Jul 2018
Very good basic but thorough teaching. Highly recommended!

tracey lackmann03 Jul 2018
Very informative

Kaylene Dawson27 Jun 2018
Very clear, concise and informative

Terry woods07 Jun 2018
Very informative for both new and experienced practitioners

karen nolan30 May 2018
This online course in insulin delivery was concise and very interesting. The person delivering the information was well spoken and made sense of a very often complicated subject

shea Hine27 May 2018
A lovely little refresher. Thank you

Jessica Arnold27 May 2018
educational topic

Katherine Hepworth26 May 2018

Wendy Boehringer24 May 2018

XIAO YANG23 May 2018
Great resources and good presentation

Debra Ambrosini23 May 2018
The educator was very engaging and provided me with a lot of new information

Karen Rose Camat22 May 2018
Great demonstration

Elizabeth Uhlmann20 May 2018
Great info for how different insulins work over time. I was unfamiliar with a lot since there are so many insulins but this has made it a lot easier for me.

Kulbir kaur20 May 2018
Nice presentation, improved knowledge. Thanks

Mi Park18 May 2018
very useful thank you.

yan zhang16 May 2018

Willa Byrnes11 May 2018
Interesting, informative presentation with a very knowledgeable, engaging educator who filled a few gaps in my knowledge.

Lin Jiang11 May 2018

Mayumi Nakazawa11 May 2018
Good learning

Shiji Thomas10 May 2018
Very good resource

Sharon Khan07 May 2018
I would definitely recommend this education to other health professionals

Ellie Alizadeh05 May 2018
Very useful.

Joungsim BAE04 May 2018

Harsimrat Kaur03 May 2018
Great source of learning Simple yet very educating video

Patricia Fryett01 May 2018

Ranilo Martinez29 Apr 2018
Vital to aged care facilities.

Karen Innes27 Apr 2018
Interesting and something I can foresee implementing into my practice. Had to turn up the volume as her voice is quieter than the previous presenters I watched.

Kim Buckpitt27 Apr 2018
Well presented good information

Rijo George24 Apr 2018
The topic was very informative.

siobhan perkins23 Apr 2018

Lynette Bradley23 Apr 2018
Very informative

APEL MAHMUD18 Apr 2018
Its very resourceful and easily explained learning.

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Another great online course - thank you

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This was a well presented Webinar and easy to follow

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Demonstrations in this video were very helpful!

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Very informative

Maureen Heather Piefke04 Apr 2018
well delivered information session

Judy craker26 Mar 2018
This was a very interesting topic and I learnt a lot about the right way to inject insulin and educated in the different insulins there is.

Kerh hollyman25 Mar 2018
Good reinforcement for my knowledge

sophie Armitt14 Mar 2018
Very Informative, and made to understand in an easy formate. Thank you

Sajana Manandhar13 Mar 2018
Very informative

Joachim FERRER12 Mar 2018
Great teaching. Easy to understand and apply after learning.

Layla Youssef11 Mar 2018
lots of great information to take into the workplace

Mustapha Nshimiyimana08 Mar 2018
The course is very informative, evidence based and practical.

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Very good VLA

Anna Prusiak26 Feb 2018
Fantastic!! So easy to follow and understand, thankyou!

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Excellent education

Mary Helen Olsen10 Feb 2018
The educator was knowledgeable & informnative

Rossana Miranda02 Feb 2018
Very good presentation, clear and precise.

Course Overview

This Course will provide an update on insulin therapy, and the vital role insulin plays in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Topics include:

  • Classes of insulin
  • Review of how carbohydrate intake impacts on glucose and insulin levels
  • Modes and uses of insulin
  • Administration of insulin via pump, pen and pre-drawn syringe

Target audience

All healthcare professionals who care for individuals with type 1 and type 2 diabetes who require insulin.


Enhance knowledge of insulin therapy by reviewing basic information about insulin, its use, and the administration for the treatment of people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.


Insulin is required by all people with type 1 diabetes, as well as by the majority of people with type 2 diabetes after ten years' duration of the condition. It is a high-risk medicine with significant dangers if administered inappropriately. Regular review of the general principles that underlie the prescription and administration of insulin preparations for those with insulin-requiring diabetes mellitus is essential for competent nursing practice and the Quality Use of Medicines (QUM).

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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