Identifying Falls Risk

1h 10m of CPD
Diana Clayton
03 Oct 2017

This Course will look at what a fall is, why identifying falls risk is important, and what we as healthcare professionals need to aware of, to appropriately identify fall risk.


Be confident in your knowledge about falls to better care for people at risk and those who have experienced a fall


Immediately identify intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors for falling in a variety of settings to better implement preventative strategies


Use validated and supported risk screening and assessment tools to determine an individual's degree of risk or harm from falls


Diana Clayton

Diana Clayton is a clinical nurse consultant who works for Peninsula Health in the Falls Prevention Service. She initially set up the inpatient falls prevention program and currently oversees the program in the subacute and residential care settings. She has been in her current role for 13 years and has presented at a number of conferences over that time. She is a passionate advocate for falls prevention across the whole health spectrum.


Karen Church14 Oct 2018
Excellent presentation.

Lyndall Bird22 Sep 2018
Vital information delivered in succinct formats. Quizzes provide extra prompt to absorb info.

Delphine FINET15 Sep 2018
I appreciated the course, but I’d have liked the subject to be more about people who live at home instead of residences.

Wendy Somers02 Sep 2018
Very informative and interesting

Kathleen James19 Aug 2018
Most of the information I was already aware of and is implemented in my facility but always good to have a refresher

Shannon Fox18 Aug 2018
It was informative

Leanne Magrath17 Aug 2018
Very informative

Beverly Salt16 Aug 2018
easy to follow with good vital points

Carol McNamara16 Aug 2018
Enjoyed the convenience of learning at my pace & was able to fit in with my work load

Kim cook14 Aug 2018
Very informative also easy to understand for patient and family members allowing them to be able to open up without fear of being judged.

Maria Nothling15 Jul 2018
very good overview, well presented

Iana Villacastin13 Jul 2018
Very informative

Carol COUPAR07 Jul 2018
Enjoyed this segment on falls prevention and on the need for thorough assessment to be undertaken to recognise and develope strategies to prevent falls and injuries, a great learning tool

Cathie Gillespie02 Jul 2018
Great resource, very informative.

joshua bold11 Jun 2018

Denise Johnson10 Jun 2018
Excellent coverage of a much overlooked topic relevant to all areas of healthcare

Susan Anderson09 Jun 2018
very relevant program , well presented and easy to follow

Victoria Farrell07 Jun 2018
great style of presentation

Elizabeth Taylor31 May 2018
especially liked the concise summary of falls risk factors

Kristie-Lee Perrott31 May 2018
extremeley well executed

Narelle Odwyer30 May 2018
great VLA.

karen nolan30 May 2018
Great resource. Very informative

Chelsea Robinson30 May 2018
Clear explanations, easy to follow.

Megan Loveday30 May 2018
I loved the person touch. The presenter was very engaging

Relevant learning,

Karina Mastrosavas27 May 2018
This was a great reinforcement of my knowledge base. Great information.

Jessica Arnold27 May 2018
very appropriate educational topic

Aju Stephen Antony26 May 2018

Lynne Berridge26 May 2018
relevant information

yi jun chen26 May 2018
very good

Georgia Jones25 May 2018
Very informative

yan zhang22 May 2018

Dawn Shannon22 May 2018
Very interesting.

Suzanna Potter21 May 2018
Well presented.

Navjot Thind21 May 2018
Good format for online learning


Amala Thomas20 May 2018

Joanne Holloway20 May 2018
Some time we need to have it reinforced how crucial our documenting is.

Altaf Sonia18 May 2018
Very Good!

Leigh Labinsky18 May 2018
A solid refresher on a topic that has relevance to all patient presentations.

Harry Prosser18 May 2018
Should be viewed by all allied staff and auxiliary staff. We are all responsible for falls prevention, from medical staff to domestic services.

Harsimrat Kaur18 May 2018
great source of learning very well presented

rosemary britt6216 May 2018
Very well presented

Mary Anne Mara16 May 2018
Excellent learning tool that can be watch again and again.

Nichole Dutschke16 May 2018
Very informative and thought provoking about my responsibility to my patients to do no harm, assist in the prevention of falls

Well done and great information.

Xi Wu14 May 2018
Great learning

Aureel Almeida11 May 2018
Excellent resource to endorsed enrolled nursers.

Mi Park11 May 2018
clear, easy to understand.

natalie Mielczarek10 May 2018

Maheshwar Thaker09 May 2018
Very helpful

Sharon Whittaker09 May 2018
the educator was very good.

Amrita Banstola08 May 2018
Educator was well orgnaized.

Aya Matsumoto07 May 2018
Very useful information.

Hind Katrib05 May 2018
Thank you it was excellent

Cheryl Carpenter03 May 2018
This was a very good online seminar and very informative and great revision of the importance of falls prevention

Werner Cossid03 May 2018
very good and usefuk

Sarah Jane Matley03 May 2018
Very good revision and prompting of practical assessments to minimise falls in residential aged care and the community.

suzanne roslyn mason30 Apr 2018
very ggood

Janette Elliott28 Apr 2018
excellent review

Ranilo Martinez27 Apr 2018
usefull in aged care health environment.

XIAO YANG27 Apr 2018

Joungsim BAE26 Apr 2018
good to remind what you know.

Kayla Smith26 Apr 2018
very good

Chris Ryan24 Apr 2018
Very good speaker

Rijo George24 Apr 2018
This topic was very informative.

Divina Evangelista24 Apr 2018
Educator is knowledgeable and engaging. I will surely recommend this education to other health professionals.

siobhan perkins23 Apr 2018
Excellent topic.

Alysha Hack23 Apr 2018
great course to reinforce existing falls risk info.

Karen Innes23 Apr 2018
Clear, concise and interesting information. Liked the personal examples- seemed more peer friendly than a lecture.

Peter Michael Osbucan Olat20 Apr 2018
very informative

Sarah Ball19 Apr 2018
Great bit of education on the massive effect that falling can have on our patients.

Mays Windisch19 Apr 2018
very informative

Jacqueline Pirouet18 Apr 2018
Great presentation on a very relevant topic

Queen Elthan Tatad17 Apr 2018
very imformative

Nida Deligero Lagunay16 Apr 2018
Very helpful materials.

Judy Berry13 Apr 2018
Excellent information in this resource. Falls is a very high risk, not only for the elderly but for post operative patients and occasionally younger patients as well. It is also excellent that there is now a standard risk screening and assessment tool.

Frances Browne13 Apr 2018
Very well presented and helpful. Good explanation of tools available and factors to take into consideration.

Carmel Spano10 Apr 2018
Very clear and practical

Carole kathleen Brown10 Apr 2018
Worth doing very informative.

Wilhelmina Tenkate09 Apr 2018
Good overall refresher course for identifying falls risks.

Cristobal Ace Campillo08 Apr 2018
A very important topic to discuss especially that the majority of the patients in the acute setting are elderly people.

cheuk yi fung05 Apr 2018

alisdair alisdair04 Apr 2018

Andrew Markula20 Mar 2018
Worthwhile presentation

Travis McAndrew13 Mar 2018
very informative!

Michelle rolleston12 Mar 2018
Fantastic presentation.

Vanessa Rudman11 Mar 2018
Excellent Lecture. The educator is clearly absolutely brilliant in her knowledge. Very well presented and interesting.

Polly Wilson26 Feb 2018
I really felt the presenter attended to all areas of risks with knowledge and understanding and enabling me to implement learnt startegies into my own workplace.

Limor Weingarten23 Feb 2018
Great resource about Falls Prevention

Patricia Howes19 Feb 2018
Very engaging and informative

Yvonne May Craig13 Feb 2018
Informative and very relevant to my work in aged care

Citti Taranto12 Feb 2018
Excellent topic and appropriately discussed in wherever sectors I am working

Eva Bodnar07 Feb 2018
Exellent resourse, I would recommend to everyone as a compulsory training

Judith Biggin07 Feb 2018
A very interesting reflection of identifying risk factors related to falls and assessments required

Andrea Ireland05 Feb 2018
Very good resource.

Charysse Gosney04 Feb 2018
Clear concise information with good use of scenarios we can all identify with.

Course Overview

Topics include:

  • The importance of identifying falls risk
  • Personal and environmental risk factors
  • Screening and assessment

Target audience

All healthcare professionals working in both inpatient and community health settings.


Enable healthcare professionals to be able to appropriately identify patients/residents who are at risk of falling through an understanding of what a fall is, why falling is an issue of concern, and what the environmental and personal risk factors for falling are.


Falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide; each year an estimated 424,000 individuals die from falls globally, and 37.3 million falls are severe enough to require medical attention. Adults older than 65 suffer the greatest number of fatal falls. In inpatient settings, fall injuries within hospitals have steadily increased. The impact of falls on individuals is far reaching - the social impact of reduced independence through fear, the potential for loss of independence, and the increased burden on families, can be significant. The risk of falls and harm from falls is higher for people with impaired vision, poor balance, muscle weakness, reduced bone density and taking some medications. The more risk factors an individual has, the greater the risk of falls and harm from falls. Older people, in particular, are at increased risk of falls when they enter health care facilities. Prevention strategies should emphasise education, training, creating safer environments, prioritising fall-related research, and establishing effective policies to reduce risk.

Health professionals in Australia that are registered with AHPRA are required to obtain continuing professional development (CPD) hours/points each year that relates to their context of practice, in order to comply with mandatory regulatory requirements.

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