Course Overview


Clinical ethics can be defined simply as the applied practice of ethical decision-making in the clinical setting. This Course will outline the fundamental clinical ethics components commonly present in contemporary healthcare, most relevant to nurses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use knowledge of the origins and principles of the clinical ethics model to confidently perform your unique role as a clinical nurse in the ethical decision-making process
  • Recognise and navigate common sources of ethical conflict in healthcare settings to promote best outcomes for patients
  • Encourage patient participation in clinical ethics decision-making as necessary, by applying clinical ethics competence awareness and advocacy skills

Topics include:

  • Common sources of conflict in clinical ethics
  • Are nursing ethics different to medical ethics?
  • How can an ethics workup help during an ethical dilemma?

Target audience

This Course is designed for all clinical nurses working in any hospital or community setting.


The purpose of this Course is to empower the clinical nurse to actively contribute to ethical decision-making in all healthcare settings.


All of us who work in healthcare will be confronted by a wide range of ethical dilemmas during the course of our day-to-day work. There is a need to make rapid decisions, yet this can be complicated by high workloads, complex systems and human factors. There is an ever-present need to access education that supports clinicians to build ethical competence and advocacy skills in order to not only participate in clinical ethics decision-making, but also to confidently initiate clinical ethics processes when necessary.